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Short Story: Daddy's Love . Things fall apart ! Part seven!

Updated on April 14, 2012

Things Fall Apart!

The FBI have gotten one step closer, and were contemplating which action would be best to the benefit of all, the clock was ticking real fast, and the pressure was on the FBI , and coming from all sides , from the different departments, and mainly from the press . Everyone and their cousins news company were in that neighborhood, and many tempers were flaring, none more than in the police department, where the truth of what the officers saw became a very tensed situation between the Chief in that jurisdiction, and his governing bodies from the Governor to the Mayor and many more because the only clear answer he had given to them so far was the officers truth, which they say was nothing but fairy tales and make believe and they were starting to call for his resignation.

The final decision by the FBI was to join the family together first, but before that tell the Daddy that everything has to be done quickly, because people have died and they need as much information as quickly as possible so this togetherness is for them knowing that everything is alright, then they “must” ask the daughter some questions where he would be able to attend and maybe even help. Because they were the last two together, the Daddy agreed and of they went. The father was led to the wife’s room and the daughter was then to join them.

After they all joined up in that one room one FBI agent stayed and the head nurse also stayed everyone else was to leave and they did . That room suddenly came alive everyone was crying , there were tears of joy , the daughter was a little hesitant as if not recognizing her parents , she was not all there , but God’s spirit was there and the Daddy would have into no other way so he announced , and said let us prayer : He said oh God I thank you for being my Rock and my Salvation , of God you said of whom shall I be afraid, and although oh God I was afraid for my daughters life, I give thanks and praises that you delivered her safely and I thank you sincerely.

Daddy never let go of his daughter, her mom was sitting up in the bed, so they pulled a chair and placed the daughter in the middle and called again for the FBI photographer to take some pictures. After this the agent then said we will be back in one hour, to do what we must.

These were all believers so they were no lawyers involved but Mr.Jeffersondid ask the FBI if they could please bring the pastor of their church. To see them. He let the FBI know that they were prominent members of that church and would love to see ham as their spiritual leader, it would make things better, and it would be great for their morale the FBI has already feelings was that it was already some type of miracle having them all together in this hospital as it is already, and anything that we think can help the case, lets go along with it. So they got all the info and set out to fetch the pastor. And it turned out the pastor was following the case on TV And he actually could not wait , everyday he awaited this call , for he knew who it was with only what detail he could get from the news. He was up and ready to go, and was waiting outside after the phone call.

The pastor arrived at the Hospital and was quickly taken to the room there was so much security, all he could say to himself was, it’s the children of God that’s here, and they are the most important.

They arrived at the room and knocked on the door everyone’s eyes again lit up, so happy to see the pastor, not the Daddy said something strange happened since you have left no one said nothing, no one even spoke, and now you are here I feel the joy that you bought it’s a type of lightness, a wait has been lifted. The pastor said bless you all, God is mighty.

He went and leaned over and bless the wife, putting his hands to her forehead, as he stood up again, the father was also standing, he could not wait being so happy, he hugged the pastor as their eyes met for a second while standing, the pastor said bless you brother, he blessed and hugged the husband, they were great friends.

As he was going to the daughter, something even stranger started happening, and the Daddy said oh! As he started moving towards his daughter, the pastor said: Wait leave her! The father said call the doctor and the pastor said: No wait a minute and started to pray! Oh God we place this whole situation into your hands and ask for your guidance. And there it was again that bright light had again flashed, here in the hospital, and you won’t believe what happened this time...

To be cont……………..Bless:

All rights reserved:

Part (8)

Can only be God’s works!


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks Mljd . I know as time twists and turns , it will blow a few things your way.

      All is well with me , but for the first time my thyroid decided to test me , so I threw it into the hands of the Most High and decided to hurry up and finish my book , so am little slow on the hub side. But God is great there are some beautiful and genuine people here , that I will never forget to show my love to . I thank you always and continue being a great as you are.

      Blessings to all . Big Nam is happy I know so.


    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 5 years ago

      OK now I have missed some and will have to catch up. Voted up

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Ok my dear lady , and as you know these are encouraging words from you so I will get those blessings and strength to come faster. Well appreciated .

      God bless and have a wonderful day Rose.

      Give thanks.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up! Keeps getting better and better. Don't leave us hanging on too long.