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Dad's Girl

Updated on April 3, 2016

Mom dressed in church clothes

Dad wore all black

When Dad would visit us

He would help Mom pick up the slack

I chilled with friends but I was no Beauty Queen

Growing up I climbed fences and chased boys but seemingly day dreamed

Dad told me to always be a lady

Mom said that I shined like a star

Put these two together I Ioved church

But by nature I loved Bars

I was told that I was a Dad's Girl

Too kind too fine only in Dad's world

Dad always said there is a thin line between ingenious and insanity

With is guidance my feet always found gravity

Dad taught me to never be ashamed of who you are

He would always find a way to help me keep a car

Dad brought me my first bottle of perfume

He would take me on long drive's to keep my mind in tune

Dad told me by keeping a Bible and a dictionary would help me know how to live

But to have him with me one more day Lord knows what my heart would give.


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