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What You Spend Years Building Someone Could Destroy Overnight. Build anyway.

Updated on October 26, 2011
Mother Teresa of Calcutta, a Roman Catholic nun, founder of the Missionaries of Charity, and recipient of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta, a Roman Catholic nun, founder of the Missionaries of Charity, and recipient of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.

"What you spend years building someone could destroy overnight. Build anyway." - Mother Teresa

January 23, 2000. The most anticipated day of the new year has arrived. Millions of people across the nation waken excitedly and some didn't even sleep at all for the emotional chemicals in their bodies stirred them up with enthusiasm for the upcoming day. I was one of them. The big event kicked off at eleven o'clock and I had to be there before it started. I took a quick shower, swiftly brushed my teeth, dressed up and off like a shot to my destination. I make it on time, but still it seemed like I was late. The line to get in was longer than the Nile River. Well, maybe not as long but it was lengthy. I thought to myself, "Damn! All this just for a PS2?" This wasn't the first predicament I encountered just so I can own one of these game consoles.

A month prior to that day, my problem was to come up with three hundred dollars to purchase the PS2. So what did I do? I applied at every retail store at the mall and didn't care which one called first and offered me a job. KB Toys turned out to be the fortunate one to have an employee like me. They were paying peanuts but I didn't care, as long as I get that three hundred dollars. After using the company to get what I want, I was going to leave. It was about a week before Christmas when I was hired so it was a hustle and bustle type of environment at the mall. Since the supervisor didn't have the time to train me how to use the register, I was stuck with a little bit of elbow grease. I was the lucky one that got to do all the fun work: clean the toilet, mop the floor, take out the trash and organize the aisles. I detested cleaning the toilet. I abhorred mopping the floor. Taking out the trash was okay, but what frustrated me the most was organizing the toys only to have some wild and rowdy kids come up, wreak havoc and ruin everything I've been structuring. And it didn't happen just once or twice. It happened a thousand times. That's when the thought of, "Damn! All this just for a PS2?" played on my mind. Despite the difficult conditions I barely bore, I persisted.

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After two weeks of work, on to my third week, I received my first paycheck. It was exactly three hundred and eighty dollars. This was it; it was my time to resign. Though it wasn't as busy anymore and I've learned how to use the register so that the dirty work was left to newcomers, I was done. I didn't even turn in my two weeks notice; I just disappeared. Vamoose!

A few more weeks until the release date of the PS2. I was a happy man, at the moment, until I had to wait in line for an eternity to buy my PS2. All that waiting depleted all my energy until, as fate would have it, my PS2 ultimately ended up in my arms and grabbed a game, Tekken Tag Tournament, along with it. It was one of the happier days of my life. With my PS2 held in my hands, I strutted down to the register filled with energy, paid up, walked out, placed it on the passenger seat and drove on home thrilled and anxious to unwrap it and play.

As I pulled in my driveway, I called a friend to come through and enjoy the system I had just acquired. No hesitation there. I opened it, set it up, and savored each press of a button. My buddy arrives and as he walks across the TV, he trips on my controller and drops my PS2 on the floor. The world suddenly stopped and the joy that I had was abruptly swept away and replaced with pain in just a matter of seconds. What I drudgingly worked for was ruined just like that, just as when I was organized toys only to be destroyed by children at the toy store. I had to go back to another retail job, if I wanted another PS2 and the nightmare resets again. Damn!

"What you spend weeks building someone could destroy in a second. Build anyway."


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    • Noble One profile image

      Noble One 6 years ago from Milpitas, CA

      Thank you for the recommendation. You weren't lying, it is written in old style, but thou dost lead me to a good book! What other ones have influenced you majorly?

    • Winsome profile image

      Winsome 6 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      The best way to learn about good writing is to learn how the world works. An old, small book I recommend is "The Richest Man in Babylon." It is an allegory but it unlocks the secret of success--not only on a financial level, but on a character level as well. It is intentionally written in an old style, so don't despair. Read it with an open mind and it just may ignite your waning flame. All the best. =:)

    • Noble One profile image

      Noble One 6 years ago from Milpitas, CA

      Thank you! So you needed a drink or two reading that great story of mine, huh? I completely understand. I've got so much to learn about writing

    • Niteriter profile image

      Niteriter 6 years ago from Canada

      I am in such despair on your behalf that I may need a drink or two on my behalf. I am sometimes selfish like that.

      (Great story!)

    • Noble One profile image

      Noble One 6 years ago from Milpitas, CA

      Keep it going!