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Dare to watch a movie in a Theatre alone

Updated on January 6, 2011

View of the orchestra from the balcony

Watch movie all alone

One Gloomy and sad afternoon, I found myself entering a movie house alone. I chose to sit at the last row of the balcony, and from there I can see the whole view of the place. I am alone in the balcony, and very few seats are taken in the orchestra. One man caught my attention. He is sitting at the first row, in the middle aisle. I really found it weird I asked myself, “Isn’t he contented with the widescreen? I got curious with the man instead of the movie. He is seriously watching and reacting on every scene. Amazing but true, from my place I can tell whether the man is delighted or not. He is happy when the lead character is happy. He rejoices when the scene is showing kindness and love for fellowmen. He nods when the scene is showing the lead character praising and thanking God for all her blessings. When the lead character is sad, the man is doubly sad but he knows she has hope because he heard her say “Lord help me”.

Closer Look

The Lead Character and the mysterious man

Then the lead character encounters challenges in her life.  She is being tempted.   Confuse, sad and hopeless, she gave in to temptation, turning her back to what she used to believe, and justify the life that she once knew was not right.  The Man’s voice caught my attention. I can feel he is in deep pain. I hear him uttering something, but I’m too far to understand him.  All I know is he is saying something to stop the lead character from giving in to adversities in her life.  Then I told myself, “This is too much, he is so carried away, come on it’s just a movie”. I remain in my seat, grinning, when I noticed a couple sitting a few rows away from the man in front.  Both are sobbing. And I tell myself again, “am I insensitive? Everybody seems to be affected?”

The voice of the man interrupted my concentration. He is saying something I cannot understand. I looked at the screen showing the lead character crying.  She’s suffering.  What a poignant scene… she’s all alone, sad and broken.  She is in the rock bottom of her life.  She has nothing but a reality that all left in her at the end of everything is God.  So the lead character returned to God, and pray each time she feels sad and tempted.  The Man in front is still watching closely as if trying to support the lady in her decision to live a life with God as her anchor.

Wondering if she is in the after life world

Startled to see herself on screen

Then I realized I am watching the audience more than the movie.   I have not observed the actress who played the lead role.  Just in time, the screen showed the lead character praying.  The woman became a familiar image of someone in a familiar situation.  Slowly I realized her resemblance to me… She looks like me! No!  The woman in the screen is me! I am the lead character!   

I am not yet completely recovered from shock when everyone in the audience became familiar images too.   They are Images of friends and love ones who died many years ago.  The sobbing couple became my parents.  They are crying for my situation… Then I see my cousins, and other relatives.  I asked myself “am I still alive? How come all my departed love ones are here?

She wanted to ask the mysterious man

She was about to approach the man

But who is the Man in front?” When I look at the man, he became a very bright image. I decided to go down to orchestra, I have too many questions in my head, and I can feel it in my heart that the Man has the answer. I am about to approach the man when I heard dogs barking.

My dogs are waking me up… I looked at my table clock.  It’s already 8:00 AM.  I overslept and my dogs are telling me I am late for work.  It was all just a dream, but I believe it is a reflection of my life in the real world.  Test of my life is on going, and our Lord is watching over me. Testing my patience and faith….



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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

      Cbguillermo hi nice to see you here... yes in reality watching Movie alone is quite dangerous, however my story is much more symbolic... thanks for visiting, and hope to see more of you in my other hubs

    • cbguillermo profile image

      Caroline Guillermo 6 years ago from Bataan, Philippines

      Hi Maria Cecilia! I've actually done that, watching a movie in a cinema alone, not sure if I've done it twice already. Having had no boyfriend for most of my adult life made me do this. It's a little bit nerve-wracking actually, afraid that a maniac will seat beside me. I had an experience when I was a child and I watched a movie with my mom, the man in my right side touched my legs. I was shocked and have not reacted at once, I've only managed to glare at the man whose face I cannot see clearly because it was dark inside the cinema.

      So I'm telling gals out there, especially young ones, not to watch a movie in a cinema all alone. Have a female friend with you or a family member so you won't be opening a door for sexual harassers.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 7 years ago from Philippines

      Nice to see you here again, thanks so much Poohgranma

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 7 years ago from On the edge

      Very captivating. Your ability to draw the reader into your story is wonderful!

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 7 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you girl, nice to see you again after such a long time ha...

    • alicious profile image

      alicious 7 years ago

      hi sis! ang ganda nito! :)