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Dark Love Part 6

Updated on October 23, 2016


Something made him stop; a voice in the back of his head told him to stop, it wasn’t time to turn her yet. She turned around to face him, slowly staring up into his eyes. He offered her his hand, she took it without any hesitation and within a blink of an eye, and they were standing outside of the club. Philip was standing by his limousine and opened the door for them. Both slid across the black leather seats as the door shut behind them.

“Phil please, take us back to the mansion.” Sebastian said

“Yes sir.” Phil replied

As they pulled away from the club, she started out the window. There was a long silence before his cell phone began to ring. He reached into his front pants pocket and answered it.

“Melanie…” He paused

She tried not to ease drop, but could make out a girl with a thick British accent yelling at him.

“Slow down; I can’t understand you. Where did you spot him? Was he with anyone? Keep on him and I’ll see you back at the mansion. Bye.”

He hung up and saw Rae laughing.

“It sounded like she was ready to attack.” She commented

“Believe me she was. She’s been waiting a long time, but now would’ve been the best.” He replied

The car came to a stop; Phil came around and opened the door for them. She stepped out and stared up at the large dark grey exterior. It looked so well preserved, as if time had no effect on it. Sebastian offered his hand again and led her inside through the black rounded door.

Her shoes ‘clacked, clacked, clacked,” against the black and white checkered floor. A large rounded lighting fixture hung up with a black leaf pattern wrapped around the thin white lampshade. There was a large stair case in front of her, the same checked pattern running up them, in between dark wooden railings.

The white walls glowed in the light; he led her into the living room. He turned on the lights, the walls had been repainted a darker blue and the upholstered couches were replaced with one dark brown couch and a large chair.

He gestured for her to sit down. She sat down, a girl appeared in the doorway, wearing a long sleeved purple shirt, black pants and matching heeled boots. Her hair was clipped back and her blue eyes had a golden shine to them.

“Sebastian… you brought company home…” She commented

“Tonya this is Rae; Rae this is Tonya.” Sebastian replied

“It’s nice to meet you.” Tonya said

She extended her hand, Rae shook it. Then Tonya began to smile, exposing her fangs.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” Rae replied managing to smile

She sat down across from them.

“Sebastian why don’t you leave us to talk.” Tonya suggested

“Alright…” Sebastian replied

He got up and leaned in close to her, “Don’t be afraid she won’t hurt you.” He whispered. Rae nodded as he walked out of the room.

“I hear that you’re a photographer.” Tonya began

Rae nodded “I have a studio on thirty-eighth and fifth. My friend Sam and I are co-owners.”

“I do love your work. It’s interesting to see someone taking up the art again.”

“Thanks. I really enjoy it. It took a while to get used to being the spotlight.”

“It’s a curse and a burden.”

“Like powers…”

Rae waved her hand, the couch rose into the air. Tonya laughed and levitated in front of her.

“You too?” Rae asked

“It runs in my Aunt’s family for years. We were always told to be careful not to use them too often. They say it causes madness.” Tonya replied

Both landed back on the dark wooden floor and they laughed. Rae then felt a sharp pain in her head and she began to massage her temples again.

“Are you alright?”

Her voice echoed around her as she closed her eyes.

I thought Damien and I were in love. In the beginning he treated me like a queen. The family formed after we left home. They were made up of runaways from all over the United States. Many times Damien wanted to turn me, but I kept saying no. After coming here he kept me isolated from everyone. He locked me in a basement of the building we were living in. Over time he started letting me come up and have contact with the family. He also let me go out and explore the city. Tonight I had enough and left. I wanted to find Melanie. Mel I’m so sorry for not listening.Tonya had begun

She felt the pain begin to fade and her eyes opened. Everything gradually came into focus and she saw Tonya looking concerned.

“Rae?” Tonya asked

“I remembered the night we found you and brought you back here.”

“Melanie, my sister recused me and being reunited with my family was a blessing. Just wait until you meet her, she’s feisty.”

“Feisty? That should be interesting. It’s weird. I feel so comfortable here.”

“I’m glad. More memories will come back to you.”

Rae got up and began to walk around the room. Voices began to enter her head, as if someone turned on a sink and let the water run. Tonya came up beside her and wrapping her arms around her.

“Rae? What’s wrong?” She asked

“Too… many… voices…” Rae managed to say

She collapsed as Tonya fell with her. Sebastian walked in and saw the two girls on the floor.

“What happened?” He asked

“Memory overload… she said she heard a lot of voices…” Tonya replied

He picked her up into his arms, Tonya waved as he left bring Rae back to his cottage. He walked into the bedroom and lied her down on their bed. She looked so peaceful; he smiled “You’ve finally come home.” He thought to himself.


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