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Dark Love: The Rebirth Part VI

Updated on January 22, 2018


Her heart skipped a beat and hand shook trying to put eyeliner on. Taking a deep breath in through her nose and out her mouth, she finished. Stepping back, she stared at her reflection; her dress fit, she made sure everything was tied and the skirt covered her boots.

She walked out of the bathroom and went downstairs to see Sebastian waiting by the door holding a white box.

“Rae you looking stunning...” He commented

Her hand reached up to cup his face, she kissed his lips gently.

“Thank you. Are these the masks?” She replied

He nodded and opened them. Her eyes lit up to see a silver mask with diamonds on the corner of each eye and one on the forehead. There was a silver handle attached to one side. She picked it up and placed it over her face.

“Beautiful…” He commented

His was also silver with diamonds outlining the edges. They walked outside to see Phil pulling the car up to them. He flashed to the back and opened the door.

“Good evening Rae and Sebastian.” He said

“Good evening Phil.” They replied

As they got in Raven, Melanie, Lisa, and Chris were seated across from them. Rae took her mask off and placed it on her lap. Melanie wore the blue dress she had bought and Lisa wore a dark pink thick strapped dress. All the men were dressed in black suits with black, silver, and white buttoned down shirts. Their masks were black and white.

“Are you ready Rae?” Lisa asked

“I am.” Rae replied


“Melanie have your grandparents arrived?” Chris asked

“They have. A private town car picked them up from the airport and they should be there once we arrive at the club. They insisted on meeting Rae before the council. I hope that’s alright with you Rae.” Melanie replied

“That’s fine.” Rae said

Outside the club, the sun had set and one by one, the streetlights turned on. There was a small crowd lined up holding invitations. Alison, Marcus, and Brie appeared at the end of the line; their appearances were changed and were dressed similar to everyone in line. They also held a piece of paper which transformed into the invitation.

The crowd became silent as a car pulled up; Phil got out and slowly walked to the back, opening the door. Everyone applauded as Rae stepped out with her friends. They smiled and started to walk inside, Phil stopped Sebastian.

“I smell magic.” He whispered in his ear

“It’s close by. I don’t want to worry Rae. Stay out here with Melanie. Our honored guests should be here shortly.”

Phil nodded and stood by the door. Melanie began collecting invitations one at a time. When Marcus, Brie and Alison walked up; her nose twitched. They walked passed Phil and he leaned into Melanie’s ear.

“I smelt magic. I’ll stay with the uninvited guests.” He whispered

“Keep them away from the office.” Melanie replied

He nodded and walked inside following the crowd inside. A black town car pulled up in front and the door opened, Danielle and Nicholas stepped out. Both were dressed in blue; she wore a navy capped sleeved, A-line, gown and he a matching suit with white buttoned shirt; brown shoes.

“Grandmother, Grandfather!” Melanie shouted

She walked up and hugged both of them.

“Hello Melanie.” Danielle said

“Hello.” Nicholas added

“Come inside and meet Rae.” Melanie suggested

“Has Mercedes and the council arrived yet?” Nicholas asked

“Not yet. They should be here soon.”

They walked inside and she led them upstairs. Before going into the office, she knocked three times.

“Come in…” Sebastian called

Melanie used her powers to open the door. Rae was seated on the couch next to Sebastian, while Lisa and Chris were leaning up against the desk. Sebastian and Rae stood up and walked up to them.

“Grandmother, Grandfather, this is Rae Turner; and you already know Sebastian. Rae these are my grandparents Danielle and Nicholas Bloom.” Melanie began

Rae held out her hand, keeping it from shaking.

“It’s an honor to meet you both.” She said

“The honor is all ours my dear.” Danielle replied

She shook hands with them, and Sebastian followed. Chris and Lisa walked over bowing.

“Lady Danielle, Lord Nicholas, it is nice to see you again.” Lisa said

“It’s good to see you too Lisa and Chris.” Nicholas replied

Melanie sent in two leather desk chairs, Rae and Sebastian sat down. Nicholas and Danielle sat down on the couch.

“Well, we’ll leave you to talk.” Melanie said

She, Chris, and Lisa left the room. Rae and Sebastian turned to Danielle and Nicholas.

“It’s been nearly fifty years since we came here. Losing Catherine, Armand, and Charlotte to the Hunters was heartbreaking. Cat started something extraordinary here, co-existing amongst mortals. She was ahead of her time. I guess you could call us old fashioned. Our coven was small and when we went out at night, we mostly hunted in the countryside. With the woods all around it made it easier to hide. Cat tried to show us how to blend in; after the war started we became paranoid. It wasn’t until after they left that we began to go out.

Charlotte was a miracle child; being the first half-breed to survive until her eighteenth birthday. And by some act of ancient magic, before she died, she wished for her reincarnation to come back. And finally put an end to this war. We’re sure this was a shock to you Rae.” Danielle explained

“It was a shock. I had been having nightmares about the night of the last battle. After meeting Sebastian and everyone; the nightmares stopped, but it made sense.” Rae replied

“Melanie tells us that you inherited our power of telekinesis.”

“I have…”

Her chair slowly rose into the air and landed back on the floor.

“She’s also had combat training using her abilities as well.” Sebastian added

“Excellent. But I’m surprised that she hasn’t been turned.” Danielle continued

Sebastian looked at Rae and she smiled, before facing them.

“Even though I’m mortal, I believe that together we can end this war.” Rae continued

“Well said young lady.” Nicholas said

“Thank you. There’s something else. During a full moon, I turn immortal for one night and change back at dawn.”

“That is quite interesting. Are there any side effects afterwards?” Nicholas asked

“No, I’ve been lucky.” Rae replied

“Melanie also told us that you’re a well-known photographer.” Danielle continued

Rae nodded, “I run the studio with my best friend Sam. We’ve done shoots for all sorts of parties and events.”

“You do lovely work. We looked you up on Google.” Nicholas said

“Thank you.” Rae replied

“Your welcome.” They replied

There was a knock on the door, Melanie walked in.

“The council has arrived.” She said

“Well, we wouldn’t want to keep you from meeting them.” Nicholas said

“They requested everyone stays.” Melanie continued

Five more desk chairs wheeled into the room followed by a black banquet table. The chairs went around, Sebastian and Rae took their place at the head of the table. Melanie walked in and sat on Rae’s left. Danielle and Nicholas sat next to Melanie.

Rae held her breath as the council walked in. They were dressed in black and red and sat at the other end of the table. Mercedes stood up fixing the sleeves of her blood red buttoned down shirt.

“Good evening everyone. Let me start by saying it is an honor to see you Danielle and Nicholas. Thank you for staying. Now, when we last met almost fifty years ago, we mourned the loss of Catherine, Armand, and Charlotte. We also learned that Charlotte wished upon an ancient crystal to have her reincarnation return and help end this war.” Mercedes paused.

Rae cleared her throat and stood up.

“Good evening, council members my name is Rae Turner. I am pleased to meet all of you.” She began and then sat back down.

“Good evening Rae; we are the Council of Armand. My name is Mercedes; and starting on my left are Leah, Randolph, Lisa, and Chris.” Mercedes paused; “I know there is a lot to discuss. Rae would you like to begin?”

She took a deep breath and then looked at the council members.

“When I turned eighteen, the nightmares started. It was the same every night, Charlotte telling Sebastian she loved him and made a wish upon a crystal. After meeting Sebastian, the nightmares stopped; he explained everything to me. It was a shock, but then it made sense. I was chosen and though I’m mortal I believe that with the support of the coven behind me; we can end this war.”

“Have the attacks increased since finding Rae?” Randolph asked

“They have. But we have been able to handle them.” Melanie replied

“Good. Have you been getting combat training Rae?” Leah asked

“I have. I should also mention that during a full moon, I become immortal for one night. By dawn I become mortal again. Thankfully there aren’t any side effects.” Rae continued

“Fascinating…” Mercedes said.

“Where is Tonya? I thought she’d be here as well.” Randolph asked

“Tonya’s not here. She’s on a special mission. I have spoken to her; she had a vision and if she returned now, she’d die. She’ll return when it is safe.” Melanie chimed in

“Special mission?” Nicholas asked

“That’s all I can tell you.” Melanie replied

“We understand and hope that your sister comes home safely.” Leah continued

“Thank you.” Melanie replied

“Has the Red Moon Crystal been found?” Randolph asked

“No one has seen it since Charlotte died.” Sebastian replied

“I’m sorry, but what is it?” Rae asked

“It’s an ancient jewel that is powered by the moonlight. We’ve had it in our family for centuries. As long as it hasn’t fallen into the hands of the Hunters it’s safe wherever it is.” Nicholas replied

She finally understood what Charlotte had said when she made a wish on the crystal. Back downstairs the rest of the coven members were dancing, Phil noticed three who were sitting at the bar not drinking anything. The smell of magic hit his nose hard, Abby appeared beside him.

“Everything alright wolf?” she asked

He turned putting his back to the bar.

“I smell magic and it’s coming from those three sitting at the bar.” He replied

“It’s weird you mentioned that because they didn’t order anything.” She continued

“Sebastian doesn’t want to worry Rae. Not while they’re meeting with the council and Lady Danielle and Lord Nicholas.”

“Too late… they’re coming downstairs.” She said

Her eyes signaled for him to look up.

“Shit.” Phil growled

Everyone had come downstairs, the coven applauded as the music was turned down. Melanie blurred, while Sebastian held up his hands.

“Welcome everyone to our annual ball. Please help in welcoming the Council of Armand and our very special guests; Lady Danielle and Lord Nicholas.” Sebastian began

The crowd applauded as another song started and everyone, put on their masks. They walked onto the dance floor and began to dance.

Melanie threw a punch, knocking Alison to the floor. Her disguise vanished and she got to her feet.

“Get the council out of here Phil!” Sebastian commanded

Phil flashed the council members out of the club, Danielle and Nicholas stayed. In a blink of an eye, Marcus flashed and grabbed Rae. She struggled, but his grip tightened around her throat.

“Let her go!” Melanie screamed

Marcus grinned and then flashed with Rae. Alison and Brie threw potions on the ground, filling the room with smoke. Melanie cleared the smoke, everyone looked around, and Rae was gone. Phil came back in coughing.

“I sent the council to their hotel.” He said

“Good. The Hunters kidnapped Rae.” Sebastian replied

“Damn it. I should have stopped them sooner.”

“Don’t blame yourself.” Danielle chimed in

The coven left, leaving them alone. Melanie blurred upstairs and brought down a laptop. She began typing and it pinged.

“Thankfully her cell phone is still on.” Melanie commented

“Where are they?” Sebastian asked

“Headed out of the city… bullocks they must have entered a dead zone.”

He stared at the map and saw they disappeared on the New York City throughway.

“Phil, Raven, Melanie we’ll go track where the cell signal went out. Danielle, Nicholas please head back to the mansion. I don’t want to risk losing anyone else.” Sebastian commanded

“Be careful…” Danielle said

They left; Raven went upstairs and came back with a large black box. Melanie opened it and they each took two loaded guns. Phil morphed into his wolf form and they left the club.

Brie, Alison, Marcus walked into a large cabin. The white walls were bare, a grey stone mantle stood on the left with two red upholstered chairs sitting across from each other. Wood lined the floors throughout. Marcus walked into a small room with a wooden round back chair sitting in the center.

He sat an unconscious Rae and conjured ropes binding her feet and hands together. After leaving the room, Brie and Alison were seated in front of a fire. They had changed into heeled boots, blue jeans, blue and pink sweaters.

“We’ll stay here tonight and bring her to Kya in the morning.” Marcus commented

“Good.” They said together

Her chin rested on her chest, but her eyes twitched and they opened. She was surrounded by darkness and the only light appeared beneath the door.

“Shit…” She said

She tried to stand up, but something shocked her. Falling back into the chair, she tried moving her hands and received the same shock. She hissed from the pain, not moving seemed like her best bet. The door opened and she looked up to see a light bulb appear. Marcus had changed into a pair of black jeans and white thermal shirt. The material clung to his semi-muscular arms. He didn’t say anything, but looked at her. Rae tried to back away as he leaned in closer.

“No bite marks; yet Brie claimed you were one of them.” He commented

She didn’t reply.

“Unless your marks are elsewhere.”

He leaned in, but was suddenly sent flying; his back hitting the door.


“Don’t even think about it asshole.” Rae growled

He laughed, rising to his feet. Rae rolled her eyes as he walked up to her.

“Try another stunt like that again and you’ll regret it.” He whispered; “Where is the Red Moon Crystal?”

“I don’t know…” Rae replied

His hand rose in the air and slapped her across her face. Her head turned, she felt her cheek sting from the impact.

“Tell me where it is!” He growled

“I don’t know! And even if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you!”

His hand rose again, she closed her eyes and braced herself. It was more intense that before, but then she felt the ropes shock her. She hissed in pain, tears formed in her eyes, he leaned in her face; his eyes full of anger.

“One way or another you’ll tell us.” He whispered in her ear

She shoved him out the door and it slammed in his face. Cars were flew up and down the highway as the rescue team appeared on the side. Phil sniffed around and his ears perked up and he slowly walked into the wooded area; the others followed. Half way he stopped and began sniffing around again. He morphed back into his human form, growling.

“I lost her scent and the Hunters.” He paused

He walked up to a bush and noticed a broken branch.

“They’ve been here not too long ago.” He continued

He started walking, spotting more broken branches and foot prints. Back at the cabin, Rae sat thinking of how to escape. She noticed a window with white curtains on her right, moonlight pouring in. If it was a full moon tonight she’d have the strength to escape and return the mansion. Then she thought back to what she said to the council, Danielle and Nicholas. You’re mortal, but you believe that you can defeat your enemies. Without being turned.

“I can do this…” She whispered to herself

Using her powers, she felt her ropes loosen. She tried to stand up, but was forced back into the chair and the ropes tightened. Through gritted teeth she growled and then tried again. The ropes tried to wrap around, but her eyes widened hearing them snap and fall to the floor. Massaging her wrists, she slowly walked up to the door.

She pressed her ear hearing nothing. Looking down the light was still peeking through the space between the floor and door. She couldn’t wait, “I need to get out of here.” The door opened and she walked out into the living room area. No one was around, “This is too easy…” she ran for the front door, her hand reached for the brass knob. When a knife brushed past her, landing in the door, she grabbed it and slowly turned to see Brie, Alison, and Marcus.

“Leaving so soon?” Brie asked

“I am. Not that the accommodations weren’t stellar.” Rae replied

Brie growled the knife disappeared from the door and back in Brie’s hand. She ran up to Rae swinging her knife. Rae dodged until Alison came up behind her, armed with a knife. She managed to find herself by the front door. Both girls ran towards her, Rae’s eyes widened and their knives flew out of their hands and into Rae’s. They floated on each side of her; she sent Brie and Alison flying into the room she had been locked in. Marcus stepped forward.

“You really think you’re going to get out of here alive?” He asked

“I do.” Rae replied

“You’ll have to get through me.”

“So be it…”

He ran at her, throwing a punch, she dodged and kneed him in the stomach. She sent him flying backwards, crashing into one of the chairs by the fireplace. He got up, conjuring an energy ball and started throwing one after another. Rae started back flipping, dropping the knives, and noticed she was getting further from the door.

Damn it…” She gasped

“Impressive… for a mortal…” He commented

“Is that a compliment or an insult?” Rae asked

He eyes widened pinning him against the stone mantle. She slowly walked up to him; Brie and Alison’s knives flew into her hands. He squirmed trying to break free, but she was strong.

The front door was kicked opened; Melanie and Sebastian ran in armed.

“Rae…” Sebastian paused

“About time you guys showed up.” Rae said

“It wasn’t easy finding you.” Melanie continued

Smoke came out from the room Rae was held in, but then they turned to Marcus; he disappeared. Rae ran into Sebastian’s arms, he picked her up twirling her around. He noticed the bruises on her face.

“Let’s go…” She whispered

They walked outside only to be pushed to the ground. The cabin exploded into flames and laughter could be heard in the distance. They got up and started running. Walking into the mansion, Danielle and Nicholas came downstairs with Faith behind them. Melanie hugged her grandparents.

“Is everyone alright?” Danielle asked

Everyone nodded and Danielle walked up to Rae inspecting her face.

“Looks like you took a few hits. Is it sore?” She asked

Rae nodded, “They thought I knew where the Red Moon Crystal was. I don’t know which was worst, Marcus beating me or the enchanted ropes.”

“The ropes sound painful.” Nicholas commented

“They shocked anytime I tried to move.” Rae paused; “They said I was going to be taken to someone named Kya. Is she their leader?”

“Marcus and Kya are the leaders of the Hunters. In the past they sent their drones to fight their battles, but I guess they actually want to get their hands dirty.” Melanie replied

“Before we continue this discussion could I get changed?” Rae asked

“Of course.” Melanie replied

She took Sebastian by the hand, Phil walked out with them. They waved as he morphed back into his wolf form and ran off into the forest. He took her hand into his as they walked in silence.

“I only wish I could have seen you kick his ass.” He commented

“If we had fought anymore. I think I would’ve had him destroy the cabin.”

They walked into his cottage and upstairs. She went to undress, but then sighed; she had brought her duffle bag home.

“Open the top draw of the dresser.” He whispered

She walked over, the draw opened and her eyes lit up. There were at least a week’s of clothes inside; pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and underwear.

“Sebastian… thank you.” She said

She walked up to him hugging him tightly.

“You’re welcome. It’s your drawer now.”

The corset lacing began to untie as she took out a blood red t-shirt, black hoodie sweatshirt, and jeans. He whistled as she stepped out of her dress and placed it on the dresser. Her cheeks turned a shade of red as she took off her boots. She slipped on the jeans and put on the t-shirt. The sweatshirt unzipped itself and she slid her arms in.

She was sitting on the bed when he came out of his closet. He had changed into a pair of black jeans and black thermal shirt.

“Ready?” He asked

“Yeah.” She replied

At the mansion, Melanie came downstairs wearing a blue long sleeved t-shirt with holes on the end of the sleeves; for her thumbs and a pair of blue jeans. Rae and Sebastian walked in.

“Everyone is in the study.” She commented

They followed her and walked into the room seeing Danielle, Nicholas sitting on the couch, Raven was at the desk typing. Faith came in behind them, handing Rae a cup of hot chocolate.

“Thanks Faith.” She said

“So what’s our next move?” Rae asked

She took a sip of her drink and began to feel warmer.

“Crystal or no crystal this war has to end. I think we all can agree on that for starters. We need a strategy.” Melanie replied

“We should call all the trackers back to the mansion. If we’re not seen in the streets, the next place they’d hit is the club. At least there we could draw them away from the club then at least we wouldn’t harm any innocent bystanders.” Sebastian continued

“It’s possible, but we need to do more.” Rae added

Brie, Alison, and Marcus returned to the jazz club. A woman in her early twenties sat at their usual table. She was thin, semi-muscular, long bleach blond hair with blue highlights and wore a long sleeve sheer purple top with a black t-shirt underneath with black jeans.

Marcus sat down next to her while Brie and Alison sat across from them. The two women stared down at the table.

“You two have failed again. Even with Marcus’s help, none of you have managed to kill that royal wannabe.” The woman commented

“I think we underestimated her. She’s quite powerful for a mortal.” Marcus said

“A mortal?” She asked

She burst out laughing, but then her face turned serious.

“That is pathetic. You two are witches and should be able to take out a mere mortal.” She continued

“Kya she’s no mere mortal. By some magic of her own, she turns immortal and gains their abilities.” Brie chimed in

“It shouldn’t matter! We are more powerful than them! And once we retrieve the Red Moon Crystal, we’ll be unstoppable.” Kya snapped

She let out an aggravated sigh and turned to Marcus.

“It seems we have to break out the heavy artillery. We storm the club with our best Hunters and take out anyone who gets in our way.” Marcus suggested

“You will lead this team. Brie and Alison I suggest you get some extra training in.” Kya continued

“Yes Mistress…” They replied together

Both women vanished; Kya looked at her brother with a smile.

“I knew I could count on you to come up with a brilliant plan.” She whispered

“And the honor of killing her will be all yours dear sister.” He replied

She licked her lips as Marcus noticed someone walk in and sit at the bar.

“Does he look familiar?” Marcus asked

Kya looked up from her phone, her brother pointed to a young man being served a ‘Blue Moon.’

“Edmond Cartier… I heard he had his powers bound when he was a child. He could be a great addition to our army. Let me go talk to him.” She explained

“You were so good at persuading people.” Marcus added

Kya grinned as she got up and walked over to the bar.

“Edmond Cartier… it’s been a long time.” Kya commented

He also choked on his beer when he heard her voice. Keeping his composure he looked to see her sitting next to him.

“Kya Romanoff it has been a long time.” He replied

“What brings you here?”

“Needed to get my mind off things.”

“What was her name?”

“Tonya… I thought things between us were great. But last week she called, sounding so sad. She couldn’t explain where she was, but said things would be explained soon.”

“Sounds a bit cryptic to me. I’m sure things will work out.”

He finished his drink and she signaled to the bartender for another.

“Next one is one me.” She said


She got up and walked behind the bar, refilling a new glass. Waving her hand over it she chanted a spell and the liquid turned green briefly. His eyes lit up as she brought it over to him.

“You own this club?” He asked

“My parents opened it back in the seventies. They passed it onto my brother and me before they died.”

“Wow. And thanks for the drink.”

“No problem.”

He took a sip; she smiled watching his eyes glazed over. Slowly he passed out and she signaled for Marcus to come over. They picked him up by his arms and legs and carried him into a back room. There was a large black leather couch, dark wooden coffee table on top of a red and gold fringed rug.

“How long until his powers are unbound?” Marcus asked

Kya looked at her phone and then put it into her back pant pocket.

“By midnight. I’ll stay with him.”

They placed him on the couch and Marcus walked out of the room.

“Where do we even start looking for the crystal?” Rae asked

“Not sure; and believe me we checked new jewelry stores that opened and museums.” Melanie replied

Her phone vibrated and she saw an email from Tonya. She opened it and began reading.

Melanie; I’m at an internet cafe in town and don’t have much time. I had a vision; the crystal will appear by the next full moon. By then Cassidy and I will also come home. Please be careful… Tonya.”

She looked up at everyone who was lost in conversation.

“I hate to interrupt, but Tonya emailed me.” She chimed in

“What did she say?” Nicholas asked

“The crystal, she and Cassidy will be back by the next full moon.” She replied

“That’s next week.” Rae explained

“It’ll finally be over.” Danielle added

Rae got up and walked out of the room, Sebastian followed her. She sat down on the steps and buried her head in hands. This was it; a battle to end all battles. Her stomach clenched at the thought of fighting, a mortal and a coven of vampires against an army of powerful witches and wizards. Thoughts of her being the first casualty entered her mind. Was she ready? Was Tonya right about the crystal appearing?

“Rae what’s wrong?” Sebastian asked

He sat down wrapping his arm around her.

“I’m scared Sebastian.” She paused; “I know this my destiny to end this, but I’m beginning to think being mortal won’t help.”

“Rae you have come so far. Don’t give up on yourself now. And it doesn’t matter if you’re mortal or immortal. I love you and won’t let anything happen to you.”

Her eyes widened, heat immediately rose in her cheeks. She knew immediately he meant it and forgot how powerful those three words could be. Slowly she looked up at him, their eyes met.

“I love you too.” She whispered

He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. It felt like a shock of electricity, sparking something inside. Melanie appeared clearing her throat and they leaned back to face her.

“Sorry if I’m interrupting this tender moment.” She began

“What’s up?” Sebastian asked

“Rae my grandparents would like to speak with you alone.” Melanie continued

“Alright…” Rae replied

“Are you sure?” He asked

“I’ll be fine.”


She got up and kissed him before following Melanie into the living room. A fire was lit as she walked into the room and sat across from Danielle and Nicholas. She stood by the entrance way.

“Rae we have faith in you and the coven, that together you’ll end this horrid war.” Nicholas began

A long rectangular box floated into the room and landed on Rae’s lap. She slowly lifted the lid and folded back the white tissue paper. Inside was a black leather biker jacket and knife within a blood red leather sheath.

“I can’t accept this.” Rae paused

“Please take it Rae. It’s been a tradition in our family, that everyone receives a knife and jacket.” Nicholas replied

“Welcome to our family Rae.” Danielle continued

“Thank you…” Rae whispered

Nicholas nodded to Danielle and she excused herself, Melanie followed her down the hall. Rae turned back to Nicholas.

“I can respect you remaining mortal. Cat did the same, until Charlotte was born. We didn’t know back then, but she almost bled out. Danielle turned her, but also turned Charlotte. She was half mortal and half immortal; the first born in over a century. The life span of a half-breed was only eighteen years, between their growth rates being unbelievably fast. By some miracle she survived and she was turned, making her a full vampire.

I’ve met countless mortals who leaped at the chance to become immortal. Some regretted it and others accepted.” He explained

He paused seeing that she wanted to say something.

“Thank you for respecting my decision. At some point I will ask for it; I’ve already experienced it for a few nights.” She replied

“If and when you do; there is no going back child. The thirst for blood will be so great, but you’ll learn to control it. All your senses will be heightened; that will take some getting used to.”

“I hope he’s not boring you with old war stories.” Melanie said

Nicholas let out an aggravated sighed; Melanie was standing behind Rae arms crossed.

“No; we were just talking.” Rae said

“Good because no one should have to suffer through any of them.” Melanie continued

“Be nice Melanie.” Nicholas interrupted

“I think that was her being nice.” Rae muttered under her breath

Melanie laughed and sat down next to her Grandfather.

“I’m sorry was I interrupting your conversation?” Melanie asked

“No we just finished.” Nicholas paused; “The rest of you can come in.”

Sebastian, Danielle, and Raven walked in. Everyone arranged themselves on the couches.

“Next week we’ll finally end this war.” Sebastian began

“So what are we going to do?” Melanie asked

“Why not let them capture me? We put a tracking device on me and you’ll track the signal.” Rae suggested

“That’s either brilliant or bloody suicide.” Melanie interrupted

“No Rae is brilliant.” Danielle paused; “Think for a moment; the Hunters have been after Rae ever since she joined us. If we let them capture her, they’re going to take her weapons and cell phone. With a tracking device we could find her and the hunters. And I know most of you are thinking what if we lose the signal. We can smell magic and Phil can also track her.”

No one said anything and Danielle smiled in triumph.

“Grandmother that is brilliant.” Melanie said

“Thank you love.” Danielle replied

“Once we let them capture Rae what’s our next move?” Raven asked

“We hide in the shadows and take the army. The coven can handle them, while we deal with Kya and Marcus.” Sebastian replied

Melanie cleared her throat and everyone looked at her.

“And let me handle my sister and Cassidy. Damien will definitely be close by. He’s mine…” She said

“No argument there… that guy creeps me out.” Rae muttered under her breath

“Melanie inform the coven to prepare to fight. Let’s get to work.” Sebastian commanded

Midnight and Edmond sat up quickly, Kya looked up from her phone and a huge smile formed on her face.

“What the hell happened?” Edmond asked

“You had a little too much to drink. So instead of letting you leave and causing havoc, I brought you back here; to sleep it off.” Kya replied


He held out his hand and his wallet and cellphone appeared.

“My powers? I thought they were bound.” He gasped

“It’s possible the potion wasn’t prepared properly. But now that they’re unbound, I know you’re upset about Tonya. So why not let all that frustration out by helping me?”

She conjured a small pile of blue powder and blew it into his face. His eyes glowed red and he stood up.

“Excellent…” Kya whispered

He offered her his hand, she took it and they flashed out of the room.

XVI (Continued)

The full moon rose higher into the star filled sky. She was standing outside of the cottage as the moon’s light shined upon her. The air smelled of fires burning, she was hoping this would work. She wore the jacket Danielle and Nicholas had given her. The knife was strapped to her right thigh. Beneath the jacket she wore a black leather corset, matching pants, and combat boots. Her hair was tied into a braid and draped over her shoulder.

Sebastian pulled up in his car, she got in, buckled her seatbelt and he pulled away.

“Where did Faith sew in the nano tracker?” He asked

“Inside pocket…” Rae paused; “And of all nights I didn’t change into an immortal.”

“Don’t worry; you’re just as strong with your powers.”

She sighed and watched as they got on the highway heading towards the city. At Dark Palace, Phil was watching the door; Melanie came out and looked up and down the street.

“Smell any magic?” She asked

“No; unless they’ve found a way to hide the smell. And I haven’t seen any of them around.” He replied

Sebastian pulled up; he got out of the car and then opened the door for Rae. They began walking and nodded to Phil as they went inside. The club was opened just for the coven; the usual patrons were informed that there was a private event tonight.

He led her onto the dance floor as a slow song came on. She wrapped her arms around his neck, staring up at him.

“Is Clint at Sam’s apartment?” She asked

“He is.” He replied


Phil appeared beside them and whispered something in Sebastian’s ear. They nodded and Phil walked over to the bar.

“What’s up?” Rae asked

“He smelled magic and sensed them nearby.” He replied

Outside the Hunters surrounded the club, Brie and Alison stood at the front door. Kya’s orders still rung in their heads.

Surround their precious club break in and take them down. I want the girl alive. When the coven attempts to rescue her, they will be witness to their savior’s demise.” She commanded

Both women exchanged nods and signaled their comrades to attack. Power blasted through the wall and the Hunters stormed into the club. Debris and dust flew everywhere, the floors and furniture covered. As everything settled, Brie and Alison walked in seeing the club empty, music was still playing, but then Sebastian and Rae appeared from behind the bar. The rest of the coven leaped down from the ceiling.

“Spare the girl… kill the rest of these demons!” Brie commanded

Slowly potions, daggers, and guns were flying through the air and landed in front of Rae and Sebastian. Melanie removed the clips from the guns, seeing bullets filled with light and lined them up on the bar. Alison began running towards Rae, she met her fist. Soon everyone began fighting. Rae back flipped kicking Alison in the throat, as she came back up, a hand grabbed hers and pinned her against the wall.

Brie leaned up against Rae, pulling her other arm back and conjuring metal shackles for her wrists and feet. Alison joined her and they flashed, their small army followed. Melanie reached into her coat pocket and took out her cell phone. She went into the app, and Rae’s signal was coming in clear.

“They’re headed outside the city.” She said

“Everyone let’s move out!” Sebastian commanded

Sirens could be heard in the distance Abby walked up beside him.

“Go I’ll handle the police.” She said

“Thanks Abby.” Sebastian said

Everyone left, Sebastian, Melanie and Raven got into Sebastian’s car. The last thing she remembered was being pressed against the wall of the club. Something knocked her in the back of the head, everything went dark.

She heard voices, muffled at first, but gradually got clearer and louder. Her eyes slowly opened and the voices began whispering. As her vision came into focus a large crowd of Hunters were staring at her. Looking around tall trees stood in back and around them.

Long torches were placed in different spots lighting up the area. Her fingers felt the metal shackles, she tried to walk, but her feet were bound. Brie and Alison appeared, smiling as each of them held her cell phone and knife. It became quiet and the crowd parted. They kneeled before Marcus and his female companion. She walked ahead of him and up to Rae.

“Rea Turner… we finally meet.” The woman said

“Kya…” Rae whispered


Kya leaned in examining Rae’s neck.

“I wouldn’t use your powers.” Kya whispered

“I’ll try to restrain myself.” Rae muttered

She leaned back and looked at Brie and Alison.

“No marks… you two have lost your minds.”

The two women didn’t respond, but glared at Rae. She winked and Brie took a step forward, Alison held her back. Kya snapped her fingers they walked towards them. Grins formed on their faces as they placed logs around Rae’s feet.

Brie slapped Rae hard, slowly a log rose into the air. Kya signaled for Brie to back off. The log fell back into the pile.

“Wise decision Rae.” Kya said

She turned to her followers, who stood up.

“Tonight we take our first step towards victory. Witness as the demon’s precious savior suffers a fiery death.”

Marcus handed a lit torch to his sister. Sebastian and the coven appeared a few feet away. Phil, in wolf form walked ahead with Melanie and hid behind a tree.

“Bloody hell… it’s good we got here…”

“Melanie…” Phil growled

Potions, daggers, and guns landed at her feet. The gun’s clips were removed; bullets filled with light glowed and they fell into a black bag. She signaled the coven, they remained hidden, each surrounded all the Hunters. Danielle walked up beside her granddaughter.

“It’s a damn shame; killing a celebrity. I admired your work. But after you die they value of your work will increase. Like many artists before.” Kya explained

Rae felt a memory hit her like a ton of bricks. She saw the final battle and a young Kya holding a gun. It fired, killing Armand, Cat, and Charlotte.

“You killed them…” Rae said

“Killed who?” Kya asked

“Armand, Cat, and Charlotte… you killed them…”

“Armand was useless; he was the unfortunate son who was born mortal. That demon seduced him and he betrayed us. He killed my father so I decided to take him and his family.”

“It’s sad. Your father filled you with such hatred and then passed it onto others. His beliefs were insane.”

“What did you say?” Marcus asked

Kya glared at him as he conjured an energy ball. He extinguished it and growled. She bent down and let the flames feed on the logs. Screams broke the silence along with loud thuds; bodies hitting the ground. Rae froze seeing the fire growing around her. Danielle and Melanie smiled watching the coven killing the Hunters as they were dragged back.

The sound of breaking metal startled her. In a blink of an eye she found herself standing next to Sebastian. She leaped into his arms, his hands cupped her butt. They kissed and he put her back in the ground. Kya growled conjuring an energy ball, she threw it, Rae got in front of him, but the attack got deflected.

“That was fast.” He commented

“That wasn’t me.” She replied

Melanie and the others came out of the shadows. Their eyes lit up to see Tonya walking with Cassidy. She bent down on one knee, and whispered to her. Cassidy nodded and walked over to Phil.

“Look after her.” Tonya whispered

Phil nodded and pulled on Cassidy’s blue flannel sleeve. They walked back behind a tree. Rae spotted her knife lying on the ground. She held out her hand and then grabbed it. Suddenly Kya tackled her to the ground. Rae used her powers, sending her flying into a tree trunk; back first. She got to her feet as Marcus came running towards her with a knife.

As he swung she ducked and threw a punch, hitting his jaw. He staggered backwards his hand feeling the impact. She side stepped Brie and Alison letting them collide into Marcus. Kya leaped to her feet, she snapped her fingers.

A blast of power shot out of the darkness. Everyone leaped out of the way, Tonya’s eyes widened. Edmond appeared beside Kya, wearing a blue thermal shirt, blue jeans, and black biker boots.

“Edmond? What the hell have they done to you?” Tonya asked

“Set me straight; told me the truth unlike you!” He snapped back

“So much power; I couldn’t pass on unlocking what lied dormant inside for years. Thanks to you, his sadness fueled the fire.” Kya added

Everyone regrouped, but Melanie stopped them from going any further.

“Leave him to her.” She said

“Well let’s at least even the field for her.” Rae suggested

Rae waved her hand bringing Kya towards them. Marcus ran after her, but was tackled by Nicholas. Melanie drew her knife and then let it fly, slicing Brie and Alison’s throats. Both women fell to the ground, Raven appeared holding a lighter and he dropped it on them.

Kya hit the ground hard as Rae stood over her. She jumped to her feet and both began exchanging punches and kicks. Rae fell to the ground; she looked over to see Danielle and Nicholas surrounding Marcus. Kya’s eyes widened watching as the two ancient vampires killed her brother, cutting off his head. She screamed, conjuring her knife, holding it above her head.

Edmond had formed a shield around her friends. Something shiny caught her attention as Kya drove the knife towards her heart.

“Rae!” Sebastian yelled

A bright red light blasted Kya sending her flying into Edmond. Rae stood up and felt something cold wrapping around her neck. Her eyes widened seeing a red crescent shaped jewel lying on her chest.

It was inside me this whole time…” Rae thought to herself

Kya and Edmond conjured energy balls and combined it into one. A beam shot out towards Rae, but a shield formed around her.

“Ancient powers hear my call. Strip these witches of their powers! Hunters be gone!” Rae commanded

The light grew stronger and filled the entire clearing around them. Kya and Edmond screamed as everyone else shielded their eyes.

“A mere mortal… defeated me…” Kya whispered

It became dark again and Edmond fell to the ground unconscious. Cassidy slowly came out of her hiding spot with Phil behind her.

Rae fell to her knees, breathing heavily. She looked up to see Damien walking up armed with a gun. He fired two shots; Melanie sent Cassidy and Phil flying out of the way. Everyone else hit the ground, Rae saw Sebastian fall onto his back.

“Sebastian!” Rae screamed

Damien blurred as Rae ran over to Sebastian. She placed his head in her lap.

“Sebastian… please don’t leave me…” Rae whispered

His hand slowly reached up touching the side of her face. She felt tears streaming down her cheeks and one hit the jewel. It began to glow and Sebastian’s body began to glow red. Everyone watched as the bullet came out of his body and landed in Melanie’s hand. His wound healed and slowly he sat up.

She pulled him into her arms and leaned in, pressing her lips against his. The kiss turned more passionate and at that moment; she didn’t care who was watching. Tonya kneeled down beside Edmond, his eyes slowly opened to see her smiling down at him.

“Tonya? What the hell is going on?” He asked

“Are you hurt?” She replied

He stood up and brushed himself off.

“I’m fine. Where’s Kya?”

“She’s gone…”

“The last thing I remember is being at her bar. After that everything went black. What happened?”

“It’s a long story, but I can explain everything.”



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