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Dark Poetry Off the top of my Head

Updated on December 18, 2012

Just Writing...will take about 5 minutes...

I look around at the figures

The eyes seem to dive inside me

I'd push them away, but it's too dark to see

The menacing voices, the laughter it hurts

Pinch me to remind me I'm alive

Cause the darkness just settled, and I'm beginning to wonder

I bite down on my tongue, to cease what's to say

It seems forever, this long drifting day

Alone with my thoughts, but not so alone

A conscience tends to always have an opinion after all.

Walking alone, but a shadow's still there

Walking beside me, at the thread of my hair

It mimics my movements, it dances with light

Then it just goes at the coming of expected night

So I ask myself, what is there left for me

A world of nothing, that's drenched in despair

A group of 'friends' that can never be there

A family that judges, a job that's dead end

A world of nothing, with tight ropes and close bends

So walk with me now, laugh in each step

Cause without a smile, why open your eyes at all?


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