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Dark Skeletons-What Lies Beneath The Surface, Part I

Updated on December 27, 2012

Only The Shadow Know What Is Realy Lurking!

Summer 2010. The Urquhart clan is gathered around at their summer mansion at the Hamptons for the wedding of Margo Huntington, a granddaughter of the clan matriarch. The matriarch and head of the Urquhart clan is Ulrike Urquhart, 88 years old. Clayton Montgomery Urquhart, the patriarch, died two years ago at ninety years of age. The Urquharts are a prominent and old Long Island family who made their vast fortunes in trading and commerce two and a half centuries ago.

The Urquharts are what you describe as old aristocracy. As old aristocracy, they have a very elitist and hierarchial attitude towards those whom they deem less privileged. Their disdain is especially reserved for the newly rich. To the Urquharts, they are often frighteningly aggressive in addition to bragging about and blatantly flaunting about their acquired wealth! How vulgar indeed!

The older Urquhart generation are strong believers in proprieties and in keeping proper appearances. They further contend that there should be a natural hierarchy and order to things. They believe that each class should socialize and live among their own. While they believe in helping the less privileged and disenfranchised in society, the nonmoneyed class should stay their respectful distance from the moneyed classes!

All the preparations for the anticipated wedding is under way. 100 members of the Urquhart clan, both immediate and extended families, are here. In addition to the aforementioned members, there were 150 distant relatives and close friends. This was the wedding of the year. Newspaper and television reporters were talking to the varied family members and guests. Even strangers were present, marvelling at the fabulous food and chic, understated decor at the spacious terraced outside area!

The bride, Margo Huntington, did not want to go on with the marriage. She was to be married to Hamilton Bradford Hunnicut IV, a scion of a wealthy Massachusetts family. The marriage is just for convenience, uniting two powerful wealthy families together. To her, Hamilton was an extremely conceited and opinionated dud. Sure, he is one of the youngest vice presidents at a Wall Street film. Yes, he is extremely handsome with jet black hair, green eyes, and tanned peach skin. Okay, he is very tall and muscular-so what! She DOES NOT love him at all! She knows that life with Hamilton would be equivalent to being in the 8th circle of Dante's inferno!

Margo told her parents, Schyler and Bosworth Huntington, on several occasions that she was not interested in marrying Bradford. She told that she was in love with Jeff Davidson, a Black musician/songwriter who is about to become a platinum selling artist! However, Schyler informed her daughter that Hamilton came from a VERY GOOD family whereas Jeff DID NOT! Margo maintained that she did not care about a person's family background and pedigree but where that particular person was going in life!

The subject of Hamilton vs Jeff was a source of contention between Margo and her parents. However, Margo had a weak spot. She loved family and the security it represents! The Huntingtons warned Margo that if she DARED to marry Jeff, she would be cut off and disowned by them! She felt hurt by this remark and thought of nothing worse than to be alone without anyone! So, she caved in to her parents' wishes! Her parents further stated that if she married Hamilton, they and his parents would buy them a mansion in Chattaqua, an upper class suburb in Westchester County in addition to a duplex on Fifth Avenue!

She and Hamilton both live with their parents. She and Hamilton thought that this was such an excellent gift from their parents. So she thought of nothing to oblige them if it meant getting away from the parental home! In addition to the house and apartment, she and Hamilton would be given a fund in the low seven figures as a startup! Not many young couples are that lucky! Oh, to be born rich with a silver spoon in your mouth!

An uninvited guest at the wedding was the second oldest of the Huntington's six children, Courtney. When she appeared, she was curtly informed by the Huntingtons that she was not invited to the wedding. She just looked at them stating," Look, Margo is my sister and I AM going to be at this wedding. If you do not like it, you both can F----" As she was about to complete the phrase, she was abruptly slapped across the mouth by Schyler. Schyler replied to Courtney, " How dare you say that! You have no respect for us and this family. You are a disgrace to this family! Either you leave or I shall call security!" She retorted," Yeah, mom, you can call security all you want! I don't give a good D--------!" A bystander, an elderly lady, looked in askance and interjected," Young lady, would you kindly show some respect at this wedding!" The old lady muttered to herself, " My God, the disrespect and lack of decorum young people show these days!"

Courtney just rudely pushed the old lady aside and walked away from her parents. She was here at the wedding to support her oldest sibling. She actually felt sorry for Margo. Margo was always the one who did what she was SUPPOSED to do. Margo was always the perfect child- stellar honor student, class president, teacher's pet, Ivy League graduate, and Wall Street whiz kid. She, on the other hand, was the complete antithesis of the perfect child- she was the black sheep of the family-indifferent student, school bully/troublemaker, wild/bad/party girl, college dropout, fledging rock star, and twice unwed mother! While Margo was always obedient and easily molded, she was confrontational and defiant!

Courtney saw Kavanagh Hudson, a distant cousin, and started waving at her. Kavanagh looked at her and walked abruptly away, pretending not to notice her! Kavanagh proceeded to walk towards Schyler, reporting that Courtney was at the wedding! Schyler walked over to Courtney, promptly grabbing her arm, instructing her to leave! Courtney informed her that she IS NOT leaving! Hamilton walked over to greet both Schyler and Kavanagh, choosing to ignore Courtney. Both Kavanagh and Schyler expressed to Hamilton what a wonderful day it is for an outdoor wedding! Both women told Hamilton what a perfect addition and asset he is to their family.

Courtney decided to exit the group to be alone. When Ulrike saw Courtney, she replied icily," Why are you here! You clearly were not invited to this wedding! You are not even part of this family!" Courtney just looked at her and smiled. Ulrike called and summoned security. When two security people, a man and a woman, appeared to eject Courtney, she told the female security guard to leave her alone! As Ulrike was about to approach Courtney for the second time, she walked away!

Ulrike then caught up with Courtney. Ulrike told her that she was indecent and clearly not an upstanding lady. Courtney replied to Ulrike that with her dubious past, she was the last person to talk. Ulrike was shocked as her face turned ashen! She started to tremble uncontrollably! Courtney continued stating that many members of Ulrike's family participated in extremely dubious activities during World War II! Ulrike panicked; however, Schyler come to her mother's rescue, abruptly taking her away!

People were being seated for the wedding. Many of the guests were giving their best wishes to Margo and Hamilton. While he seemed pleased, she was a bit more hesistant! There was something in her subconscious telling her not to go on with the wedding! Her inner voice was telling her that this wedding is a sham and if she continued, she would be a hypocrite! Bosworth appeared, asking Margo if she was prepared to proceed down the aisle. Margo reluctantly answered yes.

The song "EVERGREEN" by Barbara Streisand was played. As Bosworth escorted Margo down the aisle, everyone stood up with the exception of Courtney. She saw the sham and pretense of the so-called wedding of the year. She saw the pain and angst on Margo's face. Margo was just going through the motions just to please her parents! This is Schyler's and Bosworth's wedding, not Margo's. Schyler and Bosworth are a highly successful and extremely moneyed couple who want their children to do the same! From the time of their six children's births, they have planned and scheduled their children's lives. They made sure that their children had the right friends, attended the right schools, participated in the right clubs, had the right career, and ultimately marry the right person.

When Margo appeared uneasy and reluctant to go down the aisle, her father guided her softly but forcibly down the aisle. While he was smiling, she was clearly unhappy! People noticed this. One guest dismissed Margo's uneasiness, stating that it was just wedding jitters! Margo clearly do not want to go through with the wedding. She was constantly thinking of Jeff Davidson and the wild love affair they had! She also had a secret that she did not dare mention......However, the secret is between her and Jeff.


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      6 years ago from Shelton

      okay on to number two :)


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