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Dark Skeletons-What Lies Beneath The Surface, Part III

Updated on December 27, 2012

Only The Shadow Knows What Is Really Lurking

Ulrike and Schyler were shocked. What secret? What is Margo rambling on and talking about? When Ulrike and Schyler inquired to Margo as to what secret? Margo acted as if she did not hear them. She got up nonchalantly, put her arms around both of them and stated that she is going to proceed with the wedding. Courtney, at this time, was livid but kept quiet!

Margo proceeded down the aisle to Hamilton! The minister continued with the question. Margo stated yes that she would take Hamilton to be her lawfully wedded husband. Schyler, Ulrike, the other family members, and guests were happy. However, Courtney was not.......she felt for her sister. After the minister finished saying the vows, he pronounced Hamilton and Margo man and wife. Hamilton and Margo kissed each other and everyone applauded! However, Courtney studied the body language of both Hamilton and Margo. While Hamilton's face conveyed happiness, Margo's face conveyed trepidation and sadness!

Courtney proceeded to convey to her mother how Margo was feeling but she was promptly dismissed! Everyone proceeded into the reception area. The music was playing and everyone was dancing. Margo then abruptly excused herself, returning to the anteroom. Her face was extremely ashen and she became violently ill! Courtney saw her, coming to her sister's aid. In the anteroom, Margo revealed to her that she was four months pregnant! Upon this revelation, Courtney's jaw dropped! The door to the anteroom was closed; however, the frenemy overheard the discussion. As Margo related her predictament, she was crying and distraught! She clearly was not happy at all!

There was a knock on the door and the frenemy forced her way in. Margo looked shocked, stating," Reed Ovington!" Reed smiled demonically, purring in her characteristically alto voice, "Oh, congratulations on your fantastic wedding!" Margo hugged Reed, thanking her profusely! However, Courtney appeared distrustful, studying the motives of Reed. As Courtney left the anteroom, she called Margo aside. She warned Margo not to trust Reed for she is an extremely dangerous person! Margo just brushed Courtney off, negating this!

Margo was left alone with Reed. Reed's face suddenly changed from angelic to satanic. She stated to Margo that she had overheard everything that has just transpired. Margo stated to Reed what does she mean. Reed become angrier and told Margo to stop the charade! Reed told Margo that she knew that she was pregnant with Jeff's child. In addition to that, Reed revealed to Margo that she knew of the affair with Barclay Carrington as she is Mrs. Carrington's best friend! As Reed revealed all the dirt, Margo's face started to get ashen! As Margo started to retreat, Reed advanced towards her as a taipan would advance towards a cat! Reed threatened Margo that she would tell Hamilton that his perfect little wife is actually quite a promiscuous slattern! Margo started to tremble and cry uncontrollably! Hamilton came into the anteroom, inquring what was wrong. Margo said to Hamilton that was just the stress of the day. However, Reed knew better! Hamilton told Margo to join him and have a good time! They left the anteroom together!

Hamilton and Margo went to the reception area and proceeded to dance. Everyone watched them dance, marvelling what a beautiful couple they were. Reed was standing at the corner, watching from the sidelines. However, she maintained that this was not the end! She had a secret crush on Hamilton for she meet him five years ago at a pre-Christmas party for mutual friends. The moment she met Hamilton, she knew that he was the MAN for her. She never had an affair with him. She knew him only on a perfunctorily casual basis. Hamilton disliked Reed intensely and found her to be too dominant and aggressive. Hamilton liked more feminine women such as Margo while Reed would be considered to be an extreme alpha female.

Schyler kissed the newly married couple, wishing them the best of success. Bosworth gave a bear hug to Hamilton. The Hunnicuts were glad to have Margo as a daughter-in-law! Majorie Hunnicut, Hamilton's mother, waved Reed over and hugged her! Majorie, in her native Mississipian accent, mentioned to Reed how sweet and nice Margo was. Reed just stared icily and glaringly at Margo. Kavanagh called Margo over and she obliged. Kavanagh inquired as to why Reed was here! To Kavanagh, Reed was nothing but poison. Kavanagh looked at Reed, smiling icily to her while Reed recipricated!

Ulrike, as the matriarch of the family, made a toast to the couple. She wished them the best and may their marriage be fruitful and last as long as her's. Ulrike related that how she loved her late husband, Edward Franklin Urquhart. She added that he was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather! She started crying towards the end, stating that he certainly is missed! After she was finished giving her speech, everyone, especially Margo and Hamilton, tearily applauded!

The guests continued to dance and to dine. Hamilton took a glass of champagne and saluted Margo. He told everyone within hearing distance what a wonderful woman Margo was. He further added that Margo was wife and mother material. He ended with Margo is a woman of rare virtue, especially in this day and age. Reed made a loud coughing noise and Hamilton just looked at her, asking what was the problem? Reed ignored him, continuing making loud coughing sounds! An anonymous bystander politely told her to be quiet and a lady! She was going to reply but elected to maintain appearances by being quiet!

Everyone continued to dance, dine,and imbibe, well into the early morning. Some younger people become obviously intoxicated, much to the chagrin of their elders. Reed was one person who could not properly hold her liquor. She usually got intoxicated after two glasses of liquor, no matter if it was mild or hard liquor. She drank three glasses of merlot and became visibly intoxicated. She started to dance uninhibitedly, advancing towards Hamilton. Everyone looked embarrassed! Besides dancing uninhibitedly, she started to sing off key. Ulkrike's face turned a bright pink and she called security! The male security come and started to drag Reed off the premise; however, she broke away and roughly told the security guard to let her be!

Reed continued to dance, advancing more seductively towards Hamilton, much to his embarrassment. She was dancing even more seductively towards Hamilton, he abruptly pushed her away in disguist! The male security guard escorted her to the anteroom. Ulrike sighed in relief! Schyler and Bosworth started to dance together. The atmosphere was totally euphoric! Music from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s were playing. Margo and Hamilton were dancing, smooching, and generally having a great time.

Schyler was positively beaming as the mother of the bride. Schyler was totally working the room, rekindling connections and making new friends. Courtney was eerily silent. She just could not understand Margo at all. She, for one, could never marry a man that she did not love. But then she was not Margo, the beloved favorite and golden child of the family. She was the disfavored black sheep that caused the family nothing but angst and trouble. This because she always followed her heart, instead of rules. Schyler and Bosworth were always insisting that Courtney conform to one societal standard or another! But Courtney was by nature an staunch individualist and nonconformist. She was the most defiant sibling out of the six children. She was also the most punished for supposed infractions of parental rules.

Courtney did not care that she was punished and considered the family outsider! In fact, she relished this status. As most of her blood family disowned her, she found family among friends and associates! At least, she is true to herself unlike her sister, Margo, who is always pleasing others while putting her own happiness last. She is feeling for Margo this day. Margo is putting on a facade of happiness while inwardly she is in turmoil. Margo is four months pregnant, luckily she is not showing. What is Margo going to do about the pregnancy? What a complex and difficult dilemma Margo is in?

Courtney saw her brother, Paul, and waved at him. Paul saw Courtney, came over and hugged her. Paul asked Courtney if she was enjoying the wedding. Courtney replied in the negative. She revealed to Paul only minute details about the wedding. She did not divulge to Paul that Margo did not love Hamilton and she was pregnant by a different man. Courtney kept that a secret. Paul wanted to discuss something with Courtney whom he respected for her fierce individuality! However, before Paul could initiate the discussion, Schyler came over to ask how her son, the fourth year medical student was doing. When Paul heard the question, he became increasingly uneasy and excused himself. Courtney followed him.

Paul pulled Courtney aside, revealing to her that he does not want to be a doctor. He indicated that he wanted to become a draftsperson! Courtney instructed him to wait to tell their parents. Paul inquired as to why. Courtney further explained that their parents could not notified at once regarding this; they had be notified bit by bit! Paul promptly understood! Schyler and Bosworth are authoritarian and traditional parents who do not appreciate having their authority questioned! Courtney repeated to Paul to wait! Suddenly, an uninvited person barged into the reception area Courtney saw this person and KNEW who this person was................ This is going to be one of the WORST nightmares at the reception!


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    • gmwilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      7 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Thank you for your wonderful response! It is greatly appreciated!

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      7 years ago from Shelton

      so i am still entertained heading for part four YES!


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