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Dark Skeletons-What Lies Beneath the Surface, Part IV

Updated on December 28, 2012

Only The Shadow Knows What Is Really Lurking!

The uninvited crasher appeared at the reception. Courtney's face turned extremely ashen. She gasped and fainted. The other guests and family members were shocked that this crasher dared to appear! Schyler seems to be incensed that this crasher is going to ruin a perfect reception. Margo saw the crasher and ran into the anteroom. How dare this crasher appear at the reception! What exactly does this crasher want?

The crasher walked around the reception area. The crasher saw that others were having a very good time. The crasher was attempting to greet the other guest and family members. No one wanted to greet the crasher. People retreated when the crasher attempted to be friendly towards them. It is clear that no one wanted this crasher!

People tried to stay as far away from this crasher as possible. The crasher was alone at the reception. However the crasher did not care at all. The crasher just strolled around the reception area, eating and drinking champagne. Kavanagh, Schyler, and Ulrike were gathered around, talking to each other and eyeing the crasher suspiciously! As the crasher went over to greet Kavanagh, she coldly eyed the crasher and said nothing!

The crasher is completely unconcerned about the cold reception from these people. In fact, the crasher consider these people to be complete non-entities. The crasher maintained that there were better things to do than to mindlessly socialize and make inane coversation with these people. The purpose of coming to this reception is to speak to Margo. This crasher has some issues with Margo that WILL be discussed AND resolved. That is it-nothing more, nothing less!

The crasher is coldly observing the reception and studying the people. The crasher is just biding time and assessing the situation before confronting Margo. The crasher knew who Margo REALLY is. The crasher maintain that Margo's private persona is diametrically opposite to that of her All-American squeaky clean image. The crasher knew of the secret trysts and liasons. The crasher is about to divulge the dark lurid details regarding the all-American angel!

The crasher is nobody's fool and not to be trifled with. The crasher is a quiet observer who knows the innermost secrets and doings of most of the people in the reception area. The crasher is thinking how hypocritical and pretentious the marriage between Margo and Hamilton was. They did not LOVE each other. They married each other in acquiescence to their wealthy and powerful parents. Hell, they hardly knew each other when they became engaged. Their relationship was strictly on acquaintance, not passion!

The crasher knows what passion is. Margo and Hamilton's relationship would be described as the exact opposite of passion. Margo is totally wrong for Hamilton and he is TOTALLY wrong for her! Margo is sophisticated in ways that Hamilton is not. Although Hamilton is a grown man, in many ways he is a boy! This marriage is DEFINITELY not going to work out! The crasher was laughing silently!

The crasher decided to smoke a cigar much to the chagrin of the other guests and family members at the reception. Ulrike, the matriarch, went over to snatch the cigar out of the crasher's hand. As Ulrike attempted to do so, the crasher menacingly dared her to do so! Ulrike just excused herself. The crasher just demonically smiled at her and walked away!

The crasher was different from most of the guests and family members at the reception. The crasher, who is darkly attractive, was born into a working class family in Harlem. The crasher know how it is to survive on the streets. However, the crasher knew that there was a better life than the streets of Harlem. The crasher earned scholarships, by the dent of extreme intellectual acumen, to exclusive private school on the Upper East Side. The crasher learned how to interface with the wealthy and to absorb their mannerisms.

The crasher attended Yale University and then Oxford University, ultimately obtaining advanced degrees in both Business Administration and Music. Of course, the crasher dabbled here and there in the music business..........gaining minor success! The crasher is familiar with all aspects of the entertainment business from jazz to rap music. The crasher has friends and associates with some of the top names in the music and recording business.

The crasher has seen the good and bad side of the streets of Harlem. The crasher, in younger days, was even involved in the darker aspects of street life. Let us not digress. The crasher is supremely confident with the lethal combination of street and academic smarts. Hamilton and the crasher hooked eyes. Hamilton seemed to be visibly afraid of the crasher. What does the crasher has on Hamilton.........Only those two know!

Hamilton knew that he was wise not to be entangled with the crasher. The crasher can be quite a lethal and dangerous adversary when necessary. The crasher also was in the army and was quite physically adept! In addition to that the crasher was also prodigiously adept albeit in a swarmy and demoniac way! The crasher stared at Hamilton in a way that a cobra would stare at a leopard! Dangerous indeed!

The crasher is successful beyond wildest dreams. Who would know that a Harlem kid would be the epitome of success and lead the GOOD life! How sweet it is! The crasher was diabolically enjoying the situation! Everyone at the party was totally perplexed at the crasher. They wondered why the crasher was going to leave the reception! The atmosphere at this moment was definitely dark and chilly! Infernally chilly!

One never knows about the crasher! So indefinable and elusive! This is very eery! Good, the crasher thought, some people OUGHT to be wary, especially Margo. In fact, where did she go! Margo is so GOOD at playing games which the situation warrants it! Margo, two-time princess, two-time............

Oh boy, the people from the hood would be so proud! The crasher is feeliing predatory tonight! Ready or not, the crasher is going to make an unforgettable mark! The crasher was definitely an outsider and odd person out; however, no matter! This reception is really the uncoolest and lamest one in the world! Typical bland reception, no soul nor spice!

In the meantime.........Paul was about to talk to his father regarding career plans and his lifestyle. To Bosworth, Paul was the type of son that was making him proud. Paul was also an excellent student. In addition to that, he was a good all-around athletic. He was proficient in baseball, basketball, swimming, and football! His son was in fact a younger version of him, except that he is a CFO while his son eventually was going to be neurosurgeon like his paternal uncle, Robert!

Bosworth was bragging to his friends about Paul. Paul indicated that he wanted to speak to his father secretly. was a proud son.speaking with his father. Bosworth was so happy that his son was becoming a doctor. Paul want to tell his father that he hated medicine and want to be a draftsperson instead. He ultimately want to have his own drafting business! He also fell in love and am interested in moving with his lover.........He is so excited about his! He really does not care if Bosworth does not understand his career and lifestyle choice but it is his decision, not his father's.........

Margo is very sick. She is worried about the pregnancy. She is carrying the child of a past lover. What is she going to do? She DEFINITELY cannot have this baby! Hamilton MUST never know about the pregnancy! The family CAN NEVER know either! Luckily, she is not showing at this point! Hamilton thinks that she is still a VIRGIN as he is! She does not intend to change Hamilton's perception of her! His sweet, chaste bride, the image of absolute morality..........

The crasher is thoroughly amused at the occurrences and psychosocial dynamics at the reception. Such melodramatics and utter pretensions! The Huntingtons are the gods of pretensions! They present such a loving and caring facade but underneath they are so dangerous as the worst pimps! Parental concern, my............. The crasher wanted to speak to Courtney but to no avail! Courtney saw the crasher and adeptly avoided the dark and shady character!

The reception was getting in full swing. The younger people were dancing and having the time of their lives. Hamilton was dancing with the bridesmaid, one of Margo's close college friends. He wondered where was Margo? It is her wedding and she should be having the time of life instead of being a recluse! What was wrong with her? Yes, what was WRONG indeed? Something is serious amiss................

Margo was totally hysterical. She should be happy but she is NOT! She is now shaking uncontrollably! Schyler burst into the anteroom, angrily demanding of Margo what was wrong! Margo just mutely looked at her mother, saying nothing! Schyler saw the perplexed look on Margo's face. Margo stated to her mother that nothing was wrong. Schyler did not believe her- she INSTINCTUALLY knew SOMETHING was VERY WRONG! Margo just brushed off her mother's concerns, just saying that she was tired and overwhelmed by the day's events-that's all. Schyler believed her daughter, giving her ten minutes to get herself together and be with her husband..............As Schyler was leaving the anteroom, the crasher came in unexpectedly. "Hi, Margo," the dark character purred, " remember me- long time no see!" Margo's face became ashen and she fainted...............


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    • gmwilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      7 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      I appreciate your wonderful response! Thank you.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      7 years ago from Shelton

      You write strong, your words are powerful but the story-line doesn't fade... a fantastic read...


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