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Dark Poetry: Rejected

Updated on June 25, 2013

Don’t use your honey coated words on me

They reek of the foul venom

That resides within your soul.

How dare you try to dull my sword?

When you deserve every inch of its blade

To carve that festering pustule,

You call a heart,

Right out of your chest

Do not look on me with innocent eyes

When you are as black as the murk

That fills the foul pits

Where Pestilence casts his refuse away

One stare from those soulless orbs

Could steal the light of God himself

And you have already taken

More than enough of me

I should murder you

Right where you stand

But to even touch you

Would taint my soul to its core

So do not speak

Just turn around and walk away

And take your false intentions

Along with you

I could never befriend,

Something as evil as you.


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    • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

      Jose Velasquez 5 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

      I write this as a warning to anyone who thinks offering friendship is good way to reject someone. Truth is always the best policy.

    • tammyswallow profile image

      Tammy 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Whoa.. this is very intense. I hope I never make anyone this angry. Powerful poem!