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Updated on April 9, 2015

My thoughts of late

have been dark. I never even

had thought I'd be my own

worst enemy. Without studying

myself, I would never have

even come close to the mark.

I never would have thought

that I myself place obstacles

in my path. i blamed my ill-

luck on fate and complained

loudly in Heaven. Never did

I think it could be changed.

What a fool I've been for

years on end! i neglected to

tend to me. All my problems

were blamed on the universe,

not internally inside me.

I am good, I am great, but

rely too much on what others

think. In a blink my self -

esteem is gone, replaced by

a negative self image I've

always had.

As a result I was always mad,

lashing out at the world

where I was bullied just

because I was different.

If they'd just gotten to

know me they would have

seen how cool I actually

can be.

A nerd, yes, an excellent

poet, a dancer with a need

to be free.

But, what's past is past,

it cannot be changed, just

live for the present, and

time now to make positive



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