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Darkness Calls Me out and Bids Me Go.

Updated on May 20, 2022
MFB III profile image

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

Darkness is a succubus named Eve.

Darkness Calls Me Out.

Darkness calls me out, and bids me go
into the humid, star-filled ink of night
my slippers scritch- scraping cross the deck 
slapping time to the song of the crickets
as moths commit Harri-Kari against the porch light
slam, sizzle....fall...slam, sizzle.....fall

A car roars by, its long, angry,.......... fading whine
vanishes quickly over the horizon
its occupants unaware of my scrutiny
or of the disturbance of peace
caused by their turbulent journey

a mosquito buzzes my ear, and finds me lacking 
as a tasty midnight snack, 
"Bad blood or something, I guess?"

I am alone with my thoughts....
and the rhythms of the night
accentuate my isolation...
my dog pisses on a bush
creating a flow of waste, 
that will feed the roots
only to harm them, 
with toxic, acidic levels
Death by Bil-Jac!!!

my arms are empty, 
and they miss the fullness
that they once knew,
on nights as lovely as this one

My heart sits hollow, thumping.....
an endless litany of
sometimes it is so loud!!
That I wish it would just stop,

but then I too would be a moth, 
fleeing the darkness 
only to be consumed by the light

I crack my knuckles, 
and the rustle of a raccoon answers
I stretch out my arms, reaching for stars
I never quite successfully obtained
in all of my performing years, 
I was more a meteor blazing a trail of glory long behind me

a firefly lights a path to my weeping willow
as if it carries a torch for someone,
much like I do

Life can at times, be just a pause, 
a step into the dark side, 
a mere reflection on the
could have
would have
should have beens
and it is in moments like these
in the depths of a summer night
when it all becomes, even more 
so glaringly apparent

like an old familiar tune
that hums endlessly in my head
as I whistle for the dog
and stumble off to bed
even though I am longing to go
in the other direction
to lovingly embrace the unknown

© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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