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Darkness and Sin

Updated on April 27, 2016

Darkness has been abominated by every human, for darkness brings threat. Darkness brings fear. Darkness, the unending darkness, seems the womb that contains discord. Darkness, the bottomless darkness, seems the entity that gives birth to misery. Darkness seems wicked. Darkness seems evil.

However, darkness is not an enemy. Darkness can bring change. Darkness can bring aid. Logically, darkness can dissolve envy. Envy that leads to slander. Darkness can blow up avarice. Avarice that leads to theft. Darkness can extinguish lust. Lust that leads to sexual assault.

True, darkness can deprive every human of its sight. However, this deprivation can serve as an eye-opener. This deprivation can direct humans away from sin. The sin that is wicked. The sin that is evil.

When humans cannot see, they cannot sin. When humans cannot see the attribute of one another, they cannot judge. When humans cannot see the possession of one another, they cannot steal. When humans cannot see the nakedness of one another, they cannot rape.

Humans, in the midst of darkness, can evade sin. Humans, surrounded by darkness, can withstand sin. This is the change, the aid, darkness can bring.

The enemy is not the darkness. The enemy is the sin. The sin that is invisible. The sin that is formless. Sin is the invisible enemy that humans ought to fight. Sin is the formless enemy that humans ought to defeat.

Darkness and Sin

Ae Clane


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