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Poem - Dear God

Updated on July 1, 2013

I get to know the song 'Dear God' by Avenged Sevenfold from a friend the other day. The title inspired me to write a poem out of it (and, of course, the situation in which I'm in also plays a part in giving me inspiration), so here is my own version of 'Dear God'..

Dear God,
Can you pass a message for someone for me?
He is one of the angels of yours.
He could be sleeping now.
Or thinking of me, as I hope he would.
Can you help me to tell him that I love him?
It sounds like easy words to say,
but it takes all the courage I have and
whole my heart to say it out.
Can you also help me to let him know that I hope he's happy?
Whether his heart is with me or is someone else's.
It's okay if he can't stay,
if he has to leave,
to achieve his dreams,
or just to do his things,
things that he loves.
I just wish that he's happy and always remember me
(even if just once a while),
as the girl who once passed by in his life,
trying to touch his heart...

Yours sincerely (and his),
Your child.


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