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Dearest Bongiwe "To Be Thankful" You were born on this day July the 1st 1981.

Updated on June 30, 2015

Happy 31st Birthday, Dearest Bongiwe.


Dearest Bongiwe " To be Thankful" You were born on this day.

On This Day You came to Earth.

Dearest Bongiwe " To be Thankful".

July The 1st 1981.

Mama and Daddy Joyce and Buthi Jabu created

you out of Love.

Bongiwe, their gift to the World, "To be Thankful".

The gift you gave to the world.

You take care of yourself.

You have never given me a head ache, only when

it is time to go to rehab, even then we go out for

lunch at Steers or Mc Donalds, my favourite.

You visit me every third day.

Not once have I ever been short of hot food and


I would like to thank you my dearest sister for

being‎ by my side even in my darkest moments,


You were head girl in primary school grade 7 at

St Dominican Convent School.

Head girl at Rosebank Convent grade 12 matric.

‎Then in your pre degree at MEDUNSA

The Medical University of South Africa‎ you

completed your medical degree.

The first boyfriend that you introduced ‎me.

You said Nathi I want to introduce you to someone

he is the one!

We went to monte casino ‎had dinner and played

He was such a gentle kind gentleman.

The two of you have taken care of each other ever

The year 2000 you started dating Abuthi Pheko


You waited until you completed your Medical

Degree , you have ancient wisdom, before you

gave birth to your precious first born Nkgwete

Qwiddles 2007.

He is smart like his dad Abuthi Pheko.

A baby gangster like his grand dad Jabu,

The day Nkgwete was born Jabu rested in peace.

His legacy and children were forever blessed

cosy and safe on earth.

2010 September you got married a beautiful

white wedding.

I walked you down the ille.

They played your favourite song.

Dance with my father by Sir Luther Vandros.

You burst into tears, while we danced.

I wrote for you and Abuthi ‎Pheko a poem at the


"May you build sand castles on the banks of the

river ‎nile" uncle nathi.

You took a R40 000 loan and payed my school fees

in full for me to complete my Tourism Diploma.

I was young dumb and ungreateful.

Aunt Anna used to make me lunch.

Do my bed every morning.

All I had to do was study and try pass.

I was high everyday would drive to school

with your car which you purchased with your


You promised I could keep if I

Graduated, your Ford Focus 1.6 silver metallic
in colour‎.

I would buy cannibus for a thousand rand a week.

califonia orange, white widow ‎and skank.

I would get to the parking lot smoke for 4 hours

Not attend a single class and drive back home.

Yet I always drove your car under 100.

not a scratch.

Thank you for forgiving me. ( Your Grace is my saviour

And symbol of heritage and Love on Earth).

Your heart is composed of kindness.

Your beautiful suttle, and ever radiant.

Your calf muscles are outrageous, virgin

active ain't got nothing on you, your grandma

was a farmer.( Yes we believe in Karma).


You are forever in my prayers.




You are the seed of Love,‎ where my heart rests....

Heaven on Earth.



Positive Thoughts.

Getting appreciation from those You Love Most.

Happy Happy 34th Birthday Dearest Bongiwe

Love Nkosinathi

Uncle Nathi!‎

PS Thank you for the Fridge You got Me for my 33rd

Birthday, You are Amazing.

May God bless the path and Journey of the Brand New

Baby September. I will always remember your warm.


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