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Death Of My Dear Grandfather

Updated on August 27, 2011

My grandfather fell sick on February 8th 2009, right after he fell from his chair and broke his hip. He been claiming that someone pushed him but still don’t know who. I know he was pointing to one of my step cousin, but I’m not sure which one of them did it. I asked him again the next day but he wouldn’t tell me. Few day later he went home to live with my cousin but my cousin wasn’t taking care of him, instead, she let him lay in bed all day. My grandfather was thirsty and he was trying to reach for the cup of water, instead he fell down and broke his hip again. They took him back to the hospital and the doctor blame my cousin for being irresponsible therefore, they took my grandfather to the nursing home.

I didn’t want to take my grandfather to the nursing home, I wanted him to come stay with me but my cousin said I take him home with me because I wanted his money. I was really mad and slap my cousin across the face because I was so shamed to hear what she had said to me. I told her, money cannot buy a life of grandfather and she shouldn’t talk about money at the moment when he is in need for help.

She was mad and slap me back and say that she is older than me and have a right to make choices where grandfather should stay. I looked at her like I was about to attack her. I said, “Your older, but your brain is like a shrimp!” My cousin was really mad but she walked off. My older sister was holding onto me and tell me to stop fighting because grandpa wouldn’t like it if he know about it.

I went to see my grandpa and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He love chicken soup and I got him chicken soup. I didn’t have time cooking so I went to the nearby restaurant to purchase it for him but he know the taste was different. He said, “this is not your cooking chanroth, I’m not eating.” I told him that even if the soup wasn’t made by me, but I bought it for you. Just eat it…and it took me about an hour to beg my grandfather to eat. He ate just a little bit more. My grandfather is like a baby but even though I love him.

February 14, my grandfather asked me for a ‘lone time with him. I stayed with him as he held onto my hand. He said, “Chanroth, if I die, will you promise me one thing?” I look at my grandfather and tell him to please stop saying something like that. I just hate it. Tears started to develop already whenever he start speaking about death. He smiled at me and tell me that my uncle is sitting next to me. I started to cry and I tell him, that I missed uncle Ton so much and wish he still alive. Since the day he passed away, I was living through nightmare. My grandpa smiled and tell me that my uncle was stroking my hair and soon I felt a chill run through my spine.

I choked in my own tear and freak out a bit. Getting a little closer to my grandfather. My grandfather then asked me again if I could promise him one thing? I asked him what is it? He said, “Promise to never leave your mother whether your mother been good or bad to you. I love her and she’s my only little angel that I love the most out of all the daughters I have. Can you do that?” I started to cry and tell him, “Yes, grandpa, if that makes you happy, I’ll do.” My grandpa was smiling and close his eyes…I was scared….and said, “Grandpa? Grandpa? Are you okay?” my grandpa told me, yes I’m fine. Just getting some sleep. I was terrified at the moment because I thought he was dieing just like in the movie.

I started to wipe my tears and say okay…still holding onto his hand. I turn back to grab a cup of water and found my grandfather neck down off his pillow. I scream, “Grandpa………” crying shaking him to wake. I pulled my grandfather close to my body hugging him. I cried so much that I couldn’t stop crying. The doctor that was walking by came and check on my grandfather. He say, “I’m sorry.” Hugging him endlessly I couldn’t stop crying. My aunt arrive and pulled me away from my grandfather but I still wouldn’t let go. It was time for the coroner to take my grandfather but I was still hugging him until my sister talk to me and I let go of him to hug her.

Crying on her shoulder, my mother found out grandpa was dead, my mother has a heart attack. My mother was rushed to the emergency room and heart soon came to a stop. The doctor try to bring her back several time doing CPR and AED but her heart doesn’t seem to start. They pronounce my mother dead. I fell onto my knee hugging my mother body. Hitting her chest several time. Mother….please wake…don’t leave me…still hugging her and hitting her chest. All of a sudden, I heard a gasp of air from my mother and the doctor and nurse came to work on my mother.

My little heart ache so much that I couldn’t feel the beat to my own heart. I slowly walked and fell hitting my head on the ground….


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi Binaya, having a grandfather is a wonderful to have. They will talk about how your parent were when they were little. My grandfather tell me every little story about my mom when she was young. They made history in your life. Thanks. :)

    • profile image

      Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

      My grandfather died before my father married. I didn't know what's a grandfather's like until I read this. Your memoir brims with true emotions.


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