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Death Penalty Brutal or Justification

Updated on October 14, 2011

 Death is death,

Another debacle,

another death row,

another death penalty

another death knell

even at death door,

I can offer you a hand

you do not have to take it,

two wrongs do not make a right,

An eye for an eye

he took away so many lives,

now he is on death row,

while his victims laid to rest,

innocent life's were taken by a gruesome man,

now the system have given him the easy way out,

no torture, no pain,

just the lethal injection.

flowing in his veins,

his victims never had it so good

as he terrorise the neighborhood,

many of his victims begged him for mercy,

their blood flows on to the street, in New Jersey.

some even kneel at his feet,

some never knew what hit them

as their were randomly gunned down

all about and around the town,

Now as he walked down the corridor,

with smiles upon his face,

a remorseless human being,

The system need some revision

he still had controlled over the situation

they given him the easy way out,

Death penalty, an easy migration

Quote: To doubt everything or to believe everything

are two equal convenient solution

both dispose with the needs for thoughts.

two wrongs don't make a right

you cause a death

the system put you to rest,

their fail this test,

One brutal, the other lethal.. inject.



as he aim at the victims van.


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