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Decision Making

Updated on May 4, 2017

Decision making is one of the hardest things in life. Decisions we make in life can contribute to our future. There are good and bad decisions. Each can be identified by the outcome it will give. A good result is that your decision will not hurt anybody around you. Always think of all the consequences of the decision that you will make. This poem is about decision making and I hope you will get something from reading it.


In everything we do

There is something we must consider

The world doesn’t revolve around you

Think about the effects of your action to your brother

In everything we do

You must think about the right and wrong

Don’t make important decisions out of the blue

Don’t make haste to move on

In everything we do

Think about if you won’t hurt anybody

There are things you want to pursue

But pursue it with dignity

In everything we do

We must know the consequences our action

Things are not given free to you

Pain is in the process of getting satisfaction

In everything we do

Think of all the possible outcomes

Danger can be encountered in it too

Just be prepared to face it when it comes

In everything we do

It’s hard to make the right decisions

Don’t only think about you

Think on how others will be affected by your action

In everything we do

Do what makes you happy

But don’t place sufferings on others around you

To others, be friendly

In everything we do

Asks God’s Guidance to see the right path

He will always be there for you

And always give you what you need and want

In everything we do

Let us not forsake our love ones

We can move on together too

Let love and respect replace the guns

Now let us not forget

That in everything we do

Let the safety of others be included in our mindset

In everything we do, let us learn to think of everybody’s safety too

What is the thing that you first consider in making a decision?

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