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Poems about heartbreak

Updated on February 4, 2016

I combine lyrics into poems and I literally write these in minutes. They just flow off the pencil. All of these poems come from the heart and is what I felt at that time. I would like to write poems for someone someday so I decided to start here. Please contact me if you know anyone looking for a poet writer. And please tell me if the poems are any good or not or what I should change.

Don't Leave Me

My body is shaking

You left me alone to die

My eyes are never going to be dry

My heart is breaking

Life is not always so great

It's sometimes so damn shitty

It's now too late

And now I agree

I can't always be okay

Sometimes it's a battle

At times it's a war

Cry Me A River

You left me out here

Like a dog in the rain

I can't take this feeling anymore

I need to cut you out

Give me a reason

One good reason

Why you're sorry

Why you tore me apart

Cry me a river

You think you can make

Everything fine

Well I've got death on my mind

Once Best Friends

Once best friends

Now someone with memories

Once my everything

Now my nothing

Even after all the hurtful things

I still forgave you

I don't hate you we are just not friends

Found out you do

It's funny how people can

Just invite you in

Kick you out and spit in your face

Like you were nothing to them

When you spent everyday with them

How can someone wake up

Decide that they want nothing to do with you

Leaves you wondering why

That question haunts me everyday


I realize it's the end

More and more I wonder

What we could of done

The hurt can't be undone

I sit and wonder what I've done

Stop this hurt that is inside of me

Why can't you see this is killing me

Instead you leave me in tears and anger

You dropped me like I was nothing

I thought this friendship meant something

The happy memories replay over and over

How could of that meant nothing to you

I loved you

I cared about you

But that doesn't seem to matter

You left my heart shattered

Now I pick up the pieces you have broken

And all the words you left unspoken


Remember the time you left me alone

Broke every promise you ever made

It hurts to know that you hate me

All I wanted was the best for you

I'll leave you alone if that's what you want

Because I care about you more then myself

You wanna walk away?

I can't make you stay

I cared about this friendship more than you ever did

How could it mean nothing to you

When we loved each other

Or so I thought

Move on

I miss you but it's time to move on

I miss our memories but it's time to move on

I miss your voice but it's time to move on

I miss your family but it's time to move on

I won't miss the rude attitude

I won't miss the hurt and pain

I won't miss you pretending

I won't miss the way you hurt me

Hate myself for loving you

When you lose something you can't replace

You feel so displaced

Tears roll down your face

That's when depression takes place

When you're so upset at your own feelings

You put yourself through beatings

When you hate yourself more everyday

Because people betry

When your too in love to let it go

The space continues to grow

The distance took them away

They weren't there to stay

When you're so tired but you can't sleep

Your thoughts are in too deep

You feel your heart collapse

One more time you relapse

My heart has been broken so much

You care and love to much

I can't ever let go

I hate myself so

Feel what I feel

I can't feel this pain anymore

I'm hiding behind false eyes

It's hard to remember the good times

When there is so much heartache

I can't breath when I see you

So please proceed

You seem to be fine

It should be a crime

You should feel what I feel

I'm stained with tears and mistrust

I'm running from myself

If only you could see behind my eyes


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