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Deep Web - Payback

Updated on February 7, 2017

It starts with Anger

The deep web; few know about it but when they do; it becomes scary; it's a place where the rich and evil derive their sick, twisted pleasures of torturing and kidnapping people; hosting shows for the sick minded visitors. The deep web can also be used to purchase drugs, guns and even hired killers; all for a very high price. Such a place also sells stolen credit card PINs, passwords and passport serial numbers.

However, child pornography and torture shows are its main export from what I saw. The deep web can't be accessed via search engines; it takes special measures to get there, but accessing it with a computer is not what I want to do. I am an everyday guy who heard about it online and got really tired of evil doing whatever it wants to us, decent people. One can say I watched too many 1980s' action movies, others say I played too many games; they may be right but in-between, I did hardcore workouts, martial arts and I know how to use weapons; no proxy servers or hidden IPs can protect them from a roundhouse kick or a forearm snap.

I am a history guy, history of warfare and times when men had to stand up to fight tyranny, evil and hold shields to protect their homes and families. World War 2, when the Allied and Soviet forces marched onwards to defeat an evil threatening the entire world; not fearing death itself. When men raised armies and led millions into battle; I believed it was my call to stand up and do my part. However, I will need a weapon, therefore, I took to my cupboard and took out a switchblade which had reasonable length and was recently sharpened. Though I still wished I had heavy armour and a firearm.

Getting a throw-away PC, I logged into a site via a proxy server; many long URLs later I finally got on a deep web page; it was made with Web 1.0; a very old looking website with ominous screeching sounds coming from the old laptop's speakers. The website was a forum. Browsing it I got very angry; I wanted to find the scumbags who did it; to make them pay and to make them scream in pain; make them feel what they do to innocent children and people in general; cowards. I would get to them and make them choke on their computer power cables.


I browsed on, seeing many things that no one should see; cowards torturing innocent, helpless people; tied up and far away from help. This goes unpunished, un-noticed! Who else would step up and take action?! Of course such people if caught, won't be charged and would get probation and counselling! What a joke! Evil only understands if its own methods are used against it. Yes, this happens in fiction but what is stopping us making that real?! I read up on vigilante justice; how it's done in other countries where in the US, a biker gang hunted down a paedophile and burned him, public execution in Mexico and vigilante gangs in parts of Russia who make examples of these people who take innocence and ruin lives.

So, I made a bait-account to get in contact with the site's moderator; I made a fake persona of a pervert trying to find like-minded people. Suddenly, after I sent the message, a video chat popped up in the right corner of my laptop; I saw an ugly, disfigured guy who appeared to be using voice-changing programs as his voice almost sounded monotone.

"So you want to join us?" he asked

"Yes," I answered holding myself back from exploding.

"Good, we know your address now so wait, we will get to you."
I was outside a random apartment block; closing the laptop, I waited.

Meeting the person who was sent, he leads me for an hour until suddenly asking me; "Tie your eyes!" and handed me a blindfold; I obeyed. He lead me by the arm into a desolate, dark place of town where everything was abandoned and condemned; not a soul was heard or seen.

I looked around as my blindfold was removed; I was timing my attack from that time; the guy led me on into the dark building which appeared to have been a shop in its time; he opened the door into what looked like a basement; I looked down and saw a figure.

"Come on!" said the figure impatiently.

The Bugle Sounds and the Charge Begins!

"NOW!" I mentally ordered myself and completing the thought I grabbed the guy who led me and threw him downstairs; I was taller and stronger than him since he felt flimsy and light. He hit his head on a corner and fell unconsciously. The figure downstairs ran off; he appeared to be setting a fast trap; I knew it. Unsheathing my knife, I proceeded carefully downstairs.

It was dark and the only light sources were dim light bulbs that shone on places where I assumed the victims were placed. Rooms reeked of suffering and pain. "Nooooo...please don't!" I suddenly heard. Quickly turning around and running towards the sound; it was behind the door. I kicked it in and without thinking, threw a hard punch in front of me towards the shady figure; the figure flew back and I was in the middle of the room; looking down towards where the crying came from; I saw a young girl on the floor covering herself. I looked up and for God knows what reason I screamed; "POLICE!" the figure I hit earlier got up and rushed towards me with a large butcher's knife; I moved back and used my front leg to disorient him with a kick, following up with an elevated knee strike, grabbing his neck and putting him in a sleeper hold. It took nothing for me to put him to sleep. It was time to wage war and no one would stop me.

Looking around, I heard running around me in the dark; adrenaline pumping harder with images of random heroics flashing in my mind. Rambo unleashing rapid-fire hell, Roman cohorts marching towards the battle, Spartan warriors facing down the enemy in the battle of Thermopylae. I felt like an old-West gunslinger standing between a circle of evil. Suddenly, 3 of them jumped at me; dodging, I elbowed one of them in the back and rolling to the side. Thumping at my chest, I taunted the other 2 to attack first; obviously untrained, they did that. A low-kick to disorient one and a grab straight to the neck for the other; unleashing a flurry of knee strikes and throwing him against a nearby wall.

I proceeded with running across the maze of the basement; they knew I was here and I felt they didn't expect it. I heard many steps running around me; their weak, limp-wristed attempt would fall flat! Many masked freaks had shown themselves; all held large knives and wore goat head masks. They attacked at once; I dodged around and almost automatically like in the Batman Arkham computer games counter-attacked; one got cut on the side, other had his forearm snapped, next one had his palm broken and subdued with a hard punch to the nasal bridge. Went through them like they were nothing.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around and saw the girl whom I rescued before; "Come on." I said. "I'll take you back to your family."


Overall, what I was trying to convey that idealistic images of heroism we see in fiction and history; can be used to achieve many things.Evil can be stopped, can be killed if one rises up and aims for high-enough heroics; no matter how "cheesy" they may be perceived by others. Ancient warriors did not care about what others thought when they led armies to victory or stood their ground; sword and shield in hand. Think what you may but know that extremes make the changes.

© 2017 Jake Clawson


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