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Defy Insanity

Updated on March 15, 2010

Blatant silence. What is becoming a hidden part of me. Recovery my sights fix upon. Sinfully a love for you is caught in the corner of my eye. I feel to write a description of my emotion.

Words would not bring justice to my imprisoned mind.

Drummer boy leading fury into battle. While peace cries beside him.

A reality of escape crash down to smother my fears. Anthem to God . Wisdom pointed me away from my base discernment.

Defy insanity. It's been a beacon to my soul.  A portal . A mental heartfelt path into self realization. Listening for disease a transgression the Lord will have to forgive.

Walking behind. Following with my senses not my sight. Wooden planks clung painfully to scars swollen in your back.

Anger tearing tear filled sheets off me to show unique nakedness to my sins.

Nails penetrated my feet because I was running to catch up to you.

Liar. I'm pissed .I gave you me. What I am.

Scenery from the future. A gift for you yesterday. Horrid bastard die so I can relieve myself from the shit you put inside of me.

Small misfortunes escaped your mind to smoke your nicotine and so you told me another lie. A game a fucking game. FROM THE BEGINNING YOU KNEW i COULDN'T you played your hardest.

Numbing pain. I wanted to sooth you . You forgot me. Now I live to be alive. In me I strive for you to die.....


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    • TrixieGator profile image

      TrixieGator 7 years ago


    • SummerSteward profile image

      SummerSteward 7 years ago from Duluth MN

      Holy Hanna! That's intense! I feel like I was just dragged through a torrent of emotions! Good hub!