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Dejected!, Part Four and The Final Installation

Updated on December 27, 2012

Oftentimes Darkest Moments Come Before The Dawn

The woman further told me that my future was full of promise. However, I did not believe her but she reassured me. She named three people who would be very crucial in my life for the next year-Aunt Amelia, my cousin Xandra, and an unknown man. When I asked who the man was, the woman just stated that the man WILL be EXTREMELY INFLUENTIAL in my life in more ways than one...........

Then I was transported back to my apartment. I did not have the aftereffects of my suicide attempt. I remembered what I considered my dreams. I was left with an important lesson- I indeed was valuable. Of course, there will be obstacles but they will make me stronger. It was morning; however, I was little tired and decided to rest awhile.

I fell into a peaceful sleep. I was dreaming. In my dreams, the woman appeared, stating that she and God loved me and that everything would be well! I continued to sleep and dream quite heavenly I might add. I awoke and all my previous negative thoughts just faded away. I light some white candles and meditated.

Aunt Amelia visited me and we talked for quite a while. She informed me that my termination occurred for a reason. She maintained that nothing happens by chance. She repeatedly assured that I will even be more successful as a horror novelist because this was something I was BORN to do.

Xandra called me, asking if I was fine. I answered yes. She stated that I should see a psychologist to discuss my problems. I told her that everything was fine. I told her of my dream and moment of epiphany. She explained that what I had was definitely NOT a dream but an omen and a forewarning. She stated that I had a paranormal experience and asked me if I learned something from it! I told her that the experience was life-changing and life-altering in more ways than one!

As a result of this experience, I enrolled in graduate classes in English Literature at Fordham University. Eventually, I will earn a Ph.D. in English Literature. While attendng school, I am writing but it is full-time now. As I was walking in Washington Square Park one Saturday, I bumped into a stranger. When I looked at him, he seemed not to be a stranger. He invited me to lunch at a nearby Japanese restaurant. We talked and discovered that we had mutual interests- we both are creative and love English Literature. He gave me his telephone number and I reciprocated.

The next week subsequent to our meeting, we met again at the Japanese restaurant. He introduced himself as a publisher and I stated what a small world. I submitted my work to him. He read it and stated that this novel had the potential to be a BEST-SELLER..............It is now November 13th, 2011 and my horror novel is on THE NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLERS' LIST. The publisher now is my husband! Well, the woman was right- my life is now a BLAST! As the saying goes,"Oftentimes darkest moments do come before the dawn!"


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    • carol3san profile image

      Carolyn Sands 

      6 years ago from Hollywood Florida

      Lovely story gwilliams. I am curious about parts 1 through paet 3 and will read them when I get the chance.


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