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Demon Within

Updated on February 14, 2012

Fear, the only emotion felt in such a situation. Lights flicker on and off for a moment, while an eerie chill runs from the back of his neck down to the tip of his toes. Frightening screams and moans come from the bedroom of a once well behaved child, which now possessed an evil indescribable. At this point, Tom has performed many exorcisms, but the intensity of such evil was almost too much for him to handle. Hands shook violently with fear, while sweat dripped from his forehead and splattered on the floor. His head bowed down in prayer, while he asked for protection and a victory over such an acute evil. After a few moments of deep prayer, then finishing off with amen and a deep breath of bravery, he then stood up tall with faith as he slowly reached for the door.

A drastic sense of fear came upon him, more so than before as he gradually twisted the door knob and gently pushed opened the door. As the view of the room and the young girl strapped to the bed came into sight, the fear and anxiety pushed ever so greatly upon him. Closing his eyes for a moment and taking another deep breath he then enters into the room. Walking into the room, which appeared no different than any other little girls room with different colored flowers painted on the wall, a dresser with a little pink pony and lamp set on top of it, and a rather large aquarium with curious small fish swimming about nervously as though they too could feel the evil within the room.

Approaching the bed ever so cautiously, while the little girl watched his every move with a grin upon her face and an evil snarl and hiss. Scratches and deep cuts battered the poor little girls face by which the demons within had made. Self infliction is quite common with any possession as the body is in complete obedience to the evil. Walking to the side of the bed while the little girl watched him with a deadly stare and the same evil grin upon her face, then Crouching down beside the bed then laying his bible open next to the girl, which only made the demons more furious as a loud moan and scream shuttered throughout the room. The priest paid no mind to the demons and bowed his head in prayer, but yet while in prayer the demons moaned and groaned and spoke evil against the priest and God which was spoken in several languages some of which the priest did not understand.

After a few moments of battling through his entry prayer trying hard to block the demons out, he then began to read his bible aloud. Each word that came out of the priest mouth only frustrated the demons more, which only intensified the moans and screams. The demons continued to speak in another language and cursed the priest over and over. The girl yanked harder and harder on the straps that bound her and the demons to the bed. Screaming ever so loudly which sounded not by just one individual but by many voices that resided in the small girl. The louder the moans and groans, the louder the priest read. Finally the priest reached the end of his reading and shouted loudly, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command you to leave this girls body now!” At that very moment the demons screamed ever so loudly and the girl’s body began to lift off the bed yet still strapped down by the wrist and ankles. The screams subsided while the demons began speaking again as though in some sort of prayer in some ancient language that the priest could not recognize.

At this point the priest hands trembled so much that it caused him to drop his bible unto the floor for the fear had become too overwhelming. Quickly bending down the pick the bible up, he then sat up only to come face to face with the little girl standing on the bed, bent upside down in a crab like stance. The demons had somehow managed to undo the straps and put the priest in an extreme danger as he now was in a room alone with demons unleashed.

The priest and the possessed girl silently stared at each other as the little girl remained in the crab like position and turning her head slightly as observing the priest. Staring into the little girls eyes, no pupil and no color shown forth only gray filled her eyes now. The priest quickly began to think of an exit strategy. While quickly trying to brainstorm an idea, the little girl grinned only for a moment then screamed violently and leaped out at the priest. The young girl clawed viciously at the priest as he struggled to get away. Blood flung throughout the room as the priest continuously felt the painful deep cuts of the young girl’s long finger nails. While the priests inched ever so closely to death, vomit dripped from the young girl’s mouth and onto the deep intrusions all over the priests face and upper torso. With a last chance struggle to escape deaths path, he quickly places his hand upon her forehead and shouts, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command you to leave this instance!” At that very moment the girls head violently jolts back and a loud, frightening scream echoes throughout the room as though many voices were screaming at once then sudden silence. The young girl falls over unconscious, with cuts and gashes covering most of her body; reminders of the terrible evil that came upon her.


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    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 5 years ago

      The priest was lucky. That much evil usually takes a team of exorcists.

    • MThacker profile image

      Michael Thacker 5 years ago from Fort Worth, Tx, USA

      It's just a fiction story

    • Rebeccindy7 profile image

      Rebeccindy7 5 years ago

      is this a fiction story that ur writing or??