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Demons And Angels

Updated on March 15, 2020
Diane Denison profile image

Simplicity Of Life Is Like A Fresh Breath Of Air. Walking With Christ Can Get More Complicated When We Get In The Traffic Jams Of The World.

Universal Justice

Ride The Wave Out Of Negative Times

There Are Angels And There Are Demons

The Activation Of Both Is Dependent On Your

Own Cooperation.

I Will Explain More In Depth When I Say

Depending On Our Own Cooperation.

Because It Covers Many Aspects.

If Someone Places A Black Magic Spell On You,

They Have Summoned Demons To Attack You.

Which Is The Occult, Satan Worshipers, And Witchcraft.

The Person Whom Placed The Black Magic Spell

And Summoned Demons Is Cooperating With

Satan, Evil And Demons.

They Have Actually Invited The Mark Of The Beast

And More Less Have Invited Demons To Their Dinner Table.

They Will Have A Harder Time Getting Rid Of Them,

And Eventually The Demons Will Turn On Them.

It Will Be A Tremendous Impact Of Negative Energy

On Their Lives.

I Know Many Young People, College Student Ages

That Become Curious And Intrigued In The Occult.

Because At This Age They Have Not Fully Discovered

Themselves Fully.

And Their EGOS Are Like Raging Harmones

In Which They Become Infatuated And Fascinated

From and By Having Power And Control.

The Facts Are Ego Management Comes With Maturity.

If You Need To Summon Demons To Have Power

And Control, It Is Actual Signs Of Weakness, Insecurities,

And Being More Less A Coward.

It Is Not A Fair Battle. If You Don't Like Someone Learn

To Communicate And Tell Them Why You Are Upset With Them.

It Will Be A Safer Actions Than Tango Dancing With Demons.

Demons Don't Like Themselves, So They Surely Aren't Going

To Become Your Best Friend.

Getting Into The Occult Has Three Immediate Negative Out Come

Which Is: The Dark And Negative Energy You've Invited Into Your

Life The Rest Of Your Life.

Your Negative Actions Are Hurting Others.

And Their Is Karma. How Are You Going To Explain

This Negative Action Of Summoning Demons To Christ?

And Also How Are You Going To Go To God In Prayer

Asking For Help When The Demons Turn On You?

They Will Turn On You. Your Guilt And Remorse Will

Be Tremendous.

If You Are A Good Person And Innocent And Have

Had Black Magic Put On You.

You Must Ride The Wave Out Of It With

Extreme Patience, Not Fearing Demons.

Holding Tight To God, Christ, And The Holy Angels

Keeps The Holy Positive Energy Flowing In.

There Will Be Immense Tough Times Everything

Around You Will Crumble. Home, Job, Car, Family And Friends

You Will Enter A Intense Time Of Chaos.

But By Fearing Demons And Their Nasty Little Attacks

You Are Cooperating With Evil Treating Demons Like They

Have More Power Than God.

Do Not Throw Them That Bread Crumb It

Only Increases Their Appetite.

Keep In Mind All Things Are Under The

Providence Of God.

Sometimes An Attack Will Come From God

To Test You, A Trail And To Expand Your Spiritual Growth.

Not Cooperating With Evil Is Also Done By Positive Actions.

Which Is Loving And Helping Others And Having High

Honors For God And All His Creation.

Cooperating With Evil Is Also Done By Negative Actions

Which Are Not Honoring God, Hurting And Dishonoring Others.

The Activation Of Both Are Dependent On Our Own Cooperation.

Cup Of Temptation

The Power Of Temptation

Lures You In Like A


Whispering Softly In

Your Ears.

Tantalizing You In

A Teasing Way

Having Your Fantasies

Come Alive And

Dances In Your Head

You Claim Your Strong

Yet The Fantasies In

Your Head Now

Does Control You

You Can Not Resit

Your Heart Quivers

With A Wild


You Try To Resit

But It's Teasing, Is

Tantalizing You

To Surrender

My Friend

Do Not Feel Bad

Are You Not Human?

Satan Whom Ever Put

Horns On Him

Does Not Understand

God's Creation.

Throw Your Hollywood

Movies Away.

Your Head Will Not

Turn Like Exorcist.

Satan Is The Master

Of A Sweet Seducer.

He'll Pull You Close

And His Imagine Will

Turn Into The Most

Beautiful Woman

You Ever Met.

He'll Have You

Thinking Your Adam

And Back In The

Garden Of Eden.

And You Just Met

Your Soul Mate Eve.

Many Of Men Have

Been On There Knees

Crying Tears At A

Priest Feet

Taking Confession.

Because Satan Has Pulled

Them Into There Desires

Were They Themselves

Could Not Release There

Fire Of Desires

He Has An Effect On

Even Angels And They

Have Fallen

From Grace.

And Then Satan

Will Walk Away

From You.

And You Enter

The Truth Of

Seeing Your Soul.

He Will Twist

You Up With

The Truth That

You Are Weak.

Now A Truth I

Will Reveal To You.

Don't Dance Into

The Dark Occult.

The Rise of Occultism

I Explained Negative Energy Which Can Be Defined As Unholy. And I explained Positive Energy Which Is Holy. Furthermore I Explained The Out Come Of Both, Which Is You Either Make Choices To Invite Demons To Your Dinner Table With Satan At The Head Of Your Dinner Table

Or You Invite Holy Angels To Your Dinner Table With Christ At The Head Of Your Dinner Table.


Unfortunately The Latest Statistics For 2017 Shows Occult's Are On The Rise. Giggles Life Did An Article Of Women Joining Occult's Is On The Rise. The Catholic Church Press Wrote An Article On The Occult Is On The Rise. New York Times Wrote An Article On The Occult's Are On The Rise.

I Am Not Going To Go Into Details But I Will Give You Articles To Read If You Want To Investigate Religious Opinions And Articles On The Rise Of Occult's. That Will Help You To See Any Signs Of This Activity With Your Teenagers Or Young Adults.

Separation And Division We Cause That Harm To Ourselves. Anytime You Hurt Another Human Being Or Creation Of God. You Actually Are Hurting Yourself.

I Do Not Understand Why Us Human Beings We Have Such A Difficult Time Realizing And Seeing The Universe As One Big Home. It Has A Roof Like Design That We All Live Under. And It Has The Ground Which Is Like A Floor.

In Which In The Universe Has Many Planets And It Is All Under The Creators Roof. His Home In Which We Live With God And All Creations, All Together.

Furthermore, I Do Not Understand Why On Just This Planet We Are So Divided, Prejudice, And Competitive With Each Other. We Argue About The Status Of A,Country Is Just Based On Religion Division. To Be Honest How I Feel. I Think Your Ancient Sacred Teachings Hold A Lot Of Answers.

In Which The Ten Oldest Civilizations In The World Are: Ancient Rome, Indus River, Maya Civilization, Mesopotamia, Persian Empire, Ancient Egypt, Norte Chico Civilization, Andean Civilization, Jiahu. I Seriously Believe We Could Learn A lot From These Ancient Civilization.

And In Gods Home We Have Many Spiritual Dimensional Planes Which Consist Of Many Levels, Surrounding This Planet, Other Planets And The Entire Universe. We All Have Different Names For Them Which We Call Them: Angels, Holy Arch Angels, Celestial Deities, Holy Host, Sages, Demons, Lucifer, Satan, Christ, Krishna. And We Have Many Prophets Some Call Them Saints, Guru's, Buddha And So Forth:

Yet We Are So Child Like And Immature We Will Cause Religious Wars Over Civilizations Different Name Used. Past Down In History. Mythology Are Lesson Past Down From Generation To Generations. I think They Are Cute Stories With Moral Stories. Yet We Criticize Cultures That Use Mythology Teachings To Help Guide There Families In Moral Ethical Lessons.

There Are HOLY UNIVERSE LAWS That God Created For All To Follow. Which Means All Beings Created In This World And Other Planets. Including The Same Universe Laws For Angels, Holy Arch Angels, Holy Host, Celestial Beings, Prophets, Saints, Sages, Lucifer, Satan, Demons. Break These Laws There Is A Karma You Will Have To Face. Positive Energy Brings Positive Karma And Negative Energy Will Bring Negative Karma. It Is Your Choice And God Gives All Creation Free Choice. God's Love Is Pure.

So If You Want To Play With Evil Expect Negative Energy To Slam You. If You Are Dealing With Someone Putting Black Magic, Hex's, Or Evil Eye Curses. Go To Orthodox Christian Church, Roman Catholic, and Or/ Find A Qualified Person That Understands The Spiritual Dimensional Plane Or Some One That Has Experienced It. Many American Churches Have Not Kept Up To Date With The Ancient Christian Teachings Or Rituals.


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