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Demon's Dance

Updated on June 16, 2015

Couple's Dance

My Demons I have kept locked away,

the lock is broke they've come to play.

Showing me lies from eyes untrue.

Starting to believe, don't know what to do.

Whispering failures in my ears,

Feeling hopeless and yet still here.

Can't breathe, can't move, looking through a haze.

Walking in confusion stuck inside a maze.

Sadness, pain, and depression sets in.

I hear death calling, is this how it begins?

Fighting the same battles, day in day out.

Accomplished they say, for me I have doubts.

Surviving the game is what I want to do.

Barriers go up, after all I've been through.

I have been lead astray to the middle of lost.

What more from me will it cost?

Will I win? Can I succeed?

From this hell of darkness, will I be freed?


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    • 4elements profile image

      4elements 6 years ago

      Thank you epigramm appreciate the comment

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 6 years ago

      ...your style is so unique and it's a poetic language truly all of your very own - and it's a trademark I always look for in other writers and you definitely have it ..... such a nice selection of writing here too ......

      lake erie time ontario canada 3:58pm on the threshold of fall here by the lake

    • 4elements profile image

      4elements 6 years ago

      Thank you cbm1987, I always appreciate the comments, blessings my fellow writer

    • CBM1987 profile image

      CBM1987 6 years ago

      I love the way you write ! been a while since ive been active, but i'm back now

    • profile image

      JadedLove 6 years ago

      Hit me again. I know you have something today. Feel it, paint it, express it.

    • profile image

      4elements 6 years ago

      thanks jadedlove, its nice seeing you again. cant wait to read some more of yours. blessings peace, love, and light

    • profile image

      JadedLove 6 years ago

      wonderful. its great to be able to read your words again. i feel i have missed a lot this past mont. up beautiful and just because its there,

    • 4elements profile image

      4elements 6 years ago

      Thank you midianite. I do love writing. If you read some of them they don't always rhyme. Thanks for the comment

    • Midianite profile image

      Midianite 6 years ago from Australia

      Nice poem dude, has mean flow :)

    • 4elements profile image

      4elements 6 years ago

      Thank you bluejay for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate your time for that. Blessings.

    • bluejay900 profile image

      Jessie 6 years ago

      Wow, this is such a gorgeous poem! I love how it flows together:) Amazing hub!

    • 4elements profile image

      4elements 6 years ago

      Thank you so much miss jkim. That was fast I just posted 5 minutes ago, lol. I appreciate your time in reading and leaving a comment.

    • miss_jkim profile image

      miss_jkim 6 years ago

      Beautiful, I can feel your struggle and I believe you can, and will win. Good poetry, nice hub. Voted up