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Denver Zombie Crawl 2013

Updated on October 20, 2013

In Denver every year thousands of people descend on the 16th Street mall in their own unique zombie costumes. This was my second year enjoying the festivities.

Zombie Crawl Poem

Tattered clothes, darkened stares
Bloody limbs and random scares

Gruesome forms walk with limps
Fear filled visions in every glimpse

Zombie hordes gather in mass
Downtown streets at an impasse

Undead soldier, undead nurse
Gathering of the diverse

Slowly strolling down the path
Imaginary aftermath

Parade of thousands at the mall
Another successful zombie crawl



This Year (8th Annual Zombie Crawl)

Judging from the crowd I would have to say that there were at least 9-10 thousand people that showed up.

I put a little more effort into my costume this year. I bought some old scrubs from GoodWill and splattered them with (fake) blood. I used a latex attachment to represent the bite that turned me into a zombie and I painted on blood and other details.

Pictured to the right are examples of what I did. This was all done with a pretty modest budget but still had just the right amount of effect. The clothes only cost me about $6 and the "bite" was also about $6. I already owned the paints so in the end it was a pretty cheap costume.

Zombie Costume Resources

Of course in Halloween there are plenty of costume shops available to help you get the basics for any costume idea, but below are a few other resources that will help you make that perfect costume.

How to make your own zombie costume

© 2013 Eric Niehoff


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