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30 Depression Quotes About Love and Life

Updated on September 17, 2017
  • "You tell me to love you but you don't understand, I cannot as I do not know what love feels like"
  • "I've learned to shed invisible tears, it's the only way to show outer strength."
  • "If I don't understand how I feel, how can you?"
  • "Watching yourself fall apart piece by piece"
  • "Head up, fake smile"

  • "Trying to get through the day without falling apart."
  • "You read the things I write, the true path to me is to read the things I read."

  • "That's what you call pain, I wonder what mine is called?"
  • "Even rocks crumble and I'm not as strong."
  • "Tears are words that need to be written."
  • "Depression is not just a phrase."
  • "A ghost with a pulse."
  • "I can't help but question if the love you say you feel for me really is real, I can't help it as I've been disappointed too many times."
  • "You've convinced yourself you know me, I watch you lie to yourself as you've barely scratched my surface."`

Depression quotes
Depression quotes | Source
  • "Still waiting for the day I'll see you without wanting to claw my heart out."
  • "The worst part about rumors? When the people closest to you believe and crucify you for them."
  • "I'm tired of wondering what went wrong between us."
  • "Parents don't understand how difficult it is to stay sane in this day and age"
  • "I've been told I'm always smiling no one knows it is to hide the emptiness I feel within."
  • "Still waiting for someone to care enough to see past my facade of that's ever going to happen."
  • "Trying to hold on to your sanity by talking to yourself; Maybe that's the first sign of insanity."
  • "The ones you expect to stay, don't."

Depression quotes
Depression quotes
  • "I've lost my mind and don't know how to find it."
  • "Time is a good teacher which kills all of its students."
  • "My demons are the turbulent ocean and I'm the fish.
  • "What's the point of screaming if no one is listening?

  • "I could never lie to you. I've been lying to myself for so long, I don't know what a lie is anymore."
  • "You cannot love if you don't love yourself"
  • I fully understand the meaning of those words now.
  • "I'm still here because I don't want my mother to feel the loss of losing her only child, I fear one day it won't be reason enough."
  • "Stars don't shine without darkness."

© 2017 Naomi Adeniji


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