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"Destiny Manifested": A Poem

Updated on October 25, 2016

by D Shannahan

For the love of technology

To die for cars and planes

And the comfort to remain

Sick and suffering.

The love of hypocrisy

Where sarcasm replaces honesty

And the language of Democracy

Is money.

Things to buy that's gleaming, shining

Massage your inner itch

Each day a quest to satisfy the system.

For the love of glorified evil

We've become a masturbatory people.

Seeking thrills and fleeting chills

Just to seep our energy

Leave us empty and stressing

Sadistically feeding entities

All for the love of metals and gasoline;

Gold bars and old cars the American Dream...

But what was America in 1490?

Hilarity takes seat next to tyranny.

Can't find much in the grocery that wont be killin me.

The screens are truly Dr. Oz's proudest trick.

And all you have to do is just fall back and sit.

Tune in to the frequency of flickering sublimity

A trick you see, so ingenious we just need us a little TV

The sports bars takin roll call

So I better make this short yall

Next time you find yourself in your local mall,

Ask yourself...

Who's playin with your ball?


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