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Updated on January 21, 2010



one single leaf
high in the tree
the earth it has not met
it's bright orange canvas
Autumns art
the best of nature set
high in the branches
pointing out what
fall has failed to get
Winter's not started yet
I watch by day
as cold winds blow
it twirls and flutters on
but with determination
it dances there each dawn
like faith and freedom
it still clings
though others all have fled
it's brothers once around it now
on browning grass lie dead
I know that soon an Artic blast
will shake it from it's post
then it will tumble free at last
knowing it tried the most
but there beneath where it once clung
a tiny bud is cleft
within a shell that Spring will burst
replacing one who left
there is a lesson in this leaf
that sprung from germination
and now hangs on against the odds
with strong determination
no matter how the winds of fate
can tug and make us fall
if we find strength, hang on and wait
we'll rise above it all
and even if we lose the fight
much later we will find
we've set a plan within the hearts
of those we leave behind
and they will bloom where we left off
and add joy to each season
determination serves mankind
for more then just one reason
that tiny little leaf
it fell just now
and landed by my door
I'll seal it up in wax paper
to keep it's worth there stored
preserved forevermore







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