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Devils Advocates Politicians. Money who gives these DEVILS the power to put a price on your life? 

Updated on February 13, 2016

Devils Advocates Politicians. What is the value of money, what are their motives? Who gives these DEVILS the power to put a price on your life? 


Devils Advocates Politicians. What is the value of money, what are their motives? Who gives these DEVILS the power to put a price on your life? 

Devils Advocates Politicians ( What is the value, of money, what are their motives? Who gives these DEVILS the power to put a price on your life?

Democracy is the new slavery.

Currency enslaves mankind.

The hierarchy of wealth, promotes class.

The notion of working hard, just so you can drive a benz and have a house on the skirts of the mountains, while more than 29 percent of the South African population is unemployed.

We wonder why our babies are out of control?

When you do not have anything to live for‎?

You go to school on a hungry stomach.

You had dinner last night, you have not eaten anything meaty in 3 weeks.

Daddy curses at mama he is stressed he works at the mine and earns a minimum wages, while his CEO earns more in one year then any money he will see in his lifetime.

My father thinks mammy is materialistic, she is depressed she has not been to the salon in 3 months, there is no money in the house hold.‎She only dreams of the day her children can matriculate and graduate from university so she can go to a spar for one day, get her nails done, and experience the luxury of a full body massage.

The sad reality.The children do not have much of an appetite for dreaming beyond wearing the latest nikes, let alone moving out the ghetto.Reality is teenage pregnancy shatters our chances of uplifting our selves and making our environment a safer, cosier place.

Only those that have accumulated wealth have the privilege to have the birth of their children to be born in a private hospital.The best health care is reserved for those who can afford medical aid.

Public transport to go to work, the mall is unrealiable, unsafe, and an inconvenient.How many families can afford to purchase a car?You only own it in 5 years time, then you purchase one which is even more expensive, yes it is faster safer, yet the system is designed to keep us indebted, broke, stressed and dependent on a job, our entire lives.

When. you take out a bond to purchase a home for your family, it takes 20 years before the home is yours. How may homes are repossed everyday.How many children live on the street? How many homes are broken while a new born, while they are in the womb, being born is a gift, yet how many babies are born into misery?In most cases the poor never got a fair chance from the beginning of time.

What is the purpose of governments?Why does humanity need to be governed?Has any government you know have made the world a safer cosier place?Why is poverty escalating?Why do they invest so much money on weapons?Who starts these wars?Why do they never end?Who the governs the governments?

The United Nations sole purpose was to bring peace to the earth.They watch as hundreds of thousands are displaced when war lords rage war on monarchs.Who's side is the United Nations on?Who manufacturers these guns?

No one is going to save us?We need to be cautious.We need to love self.We need to listen to the teaching of our parents, dreams shatter by the time we have our first kiss, it could all fall apart by the time we make love for the first time, we are young, without guidance it may not be the girl or boy of our dreams whom at the time we believe we are going to spend the rest of our young lives with.

Empregnating a loved one for the first time is when we have awakened the serpent, we are now judged as Adam was in the garden of Eden.

Give your children meaningful names.Cherish your spouse. Make your home as cosy as possible.Eat healthy food have all your favorite delicacies in moderation.

Pay attention to what drives and makes your loved ones smile.Work hard.Free yourselves from debt.

Work so you can afford to go to all the destinations and holidays your family desires.

Build your dream home one day.

Look forward to being a grand parent to healthy educated grand children who with time you will teach the values of morality.



Materialising dreams.

Humour, laughter sound sleep.


Grace in motive and actions, when faced with obstacles.




Materalise goodness from misfortune.

I dream of the day a homeless man, wakes up in a mansion.

A politician is a servant of the government, a rapist of human rights, we should dis arm them.

I am Bi Polar1, yet not clinically insane, as I know the value of love, I am compassionate to the next soul, I walk away from evil, pray for my loved ones, may my family always be cosy.

I am Bi Polar, spiritually I have attained Nirvana.My sole purpose on this earth is to learn from my mistakes, decompose experiences and construct the foundation of my souls knowledge.

B.CBeautiful Corpse ( God's Poet Nkosinathi Ncala) my Poetry is a reflection of my ideologies it can be never be used for evil.

The footprints of what I experienced and saw in life will be Suicide of Poverty.A new Eden.( Heaven on earth)

A benz for every child at birth, all races, colours and creeds.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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