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Devil's Eyes Of Blue

Updated on January 9, 2012

Shadow's footsteps on Satan's heel, I touch the blade in His hand and feel the fire in my veins.

Coursing electricity pouring out my fingertips. Such power He does possess over me, my body, and I. To lay me down, take me to His bed, to do as He wishes with me, ask His will of me.

knees trembling, He burns. His light is blinding. His powerful grip on me holds an unfaltering will of wich I cannot escape. I am submissive to His eyes, devil's eyes of blue. Let Him invade me. Devour this wholeness I have created and take me in His world of fire. Hold me hostage, chained to Him and bound by these manipulative words by wich He has seduced me.

everything i had, everything i was once his, now cast aside to nothing's curb, charred, burned and broken.

His weight has held me beneath scalding waters, and i boil and burn in His hollow affections


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