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Did Christ say that?

Updated on June 29, 2015

Preachings of Christ

When preaching and promoting the way of life taught by Christ make sure that in fact Christ actually said what you preach.

Once a person reads the words of Christ NOT other human writers with chapters written by them. In all of the sermons Christ gave and most Christian doctrines recognize as his words to live by NONE mentioned homosexuals, many statements about adultery.

Homosexuals will be saved

Those who condemn others are not living by the words of Christ. Once you read the words of Christ and his words only no phrase relates to hate only love and the highest doctrine preached by Christ was to love thy neighbor as yourself, he did not leave anyone out.

You will be judged by your works and he who believes ON me will have ever lasting life. Another misread when a person says that one who does not believe in Christ will not be saved is not correct. More exact translation is that those who believe in what Christ says will have ever lasting life. You see Christ believed that salvation was within each of us we are each a God.

Those who take segments from a book written by a Roman ruler to justify their hatred of another has tainted the word of Christ. If you are going to preach the word of Christ make absolutely sure that Christ actually said it not some other enlightened human!

Modern censored Bible

Historically the Bible we rely on today is one that was formulated back in 500 AD or so when Emperor Constantine declared Christianity the religion of Roman Empire, but why? The Roman legions, after the resurrection of Christ, heard the story of this miracle. Story told by the soldiers guarding the tomb to Peter tells of two figures come out of the cave holding Christ between them. From the cross came a voice asking "have you preached to them all? Christ responds saying yes. Then all three are taken up in a beam of light. P Pilot told the soldiers if they ever repeated this story they too would be crucified. Historically when the Jewish books were being condensed the mention of this resurrection originally noted was deleted never to be cited by the Jewish hierarchy.

Excavation of Roman encampments have found numerous sighs of the fish a symbol of early Christians. The legions of Rome were going Christian and this is why the Emperor made Christianity the religion of Rome, it was many years later that Constantine related a story of a cross in the sky.

Constantine gathered the Christian priest to formulate a sanctioned Christian Bible. Historically a person must remember this was a book, formulated by a Roman Emperor, in no way was this book going to have segments that he would reduce the power of the Emperor eliminating numerous gospels. Gospel of Mary, Gospel of Peter ( the only real time description of the resurrection told to Peter by the soldiers) and the Kabala did not make it into this version.

Want proof of a resurrection read the latest about the Shroud of Turin!


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