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Did I Dream or Did I Read It?

Updated on January 1, 2011

My Dream - I Think

For a long time I have had memories of a dream I had when I was in my early twenties. As that is twenty five years ago, I struggle to remember whether this is actually a dream or something I read, that keeps playing on my mind. If anyone has heard this story, can they let me know - I can then give credit where it is due, and know it is a problem someone else has.

I was working as a security guard and as part of my rounds, I had to drive round a largish industrial estate. I would go on my own, as there were never any problems in this nice little part of Somerset, but the factory and office owners felt safer knowing there was a van going round on a regular basis.

The main problem we had in this area was an office block that kept having false alarms, and causing us to call round and bring the police. We kept warning them that they were risking being fined and taken off the call out list, but they were always so nice and apologetic that we never got round to it.

Once again, the alarm was sounding at the office block.and finished my break and set out to the van. This would mess up my routine and put me out time wise, which meant I would not be able to meet up with the other guards for the final break of the day.

I drove off, and listened to the base staff call the police and ask them to meet me at the office block. I arrived just after them and was glad to see that the alarm firm had also sent an engineer out.

As I got out of the van, the engineer was coming out of the building with the police officers. They were laughing and came to tell me I could leave.

"No one in there for a change" the policeman said sarcastically. "Funny thing is though, the engineer cant find a fault."

I walked back to the van - "not bad" I thought "I am only about 5 minutes behind time"

I drove towards the roundabout thinking I could make it in 10 minutes, and was surprised to see the police cars suddenly following me and flagging for me to move out of their way.

A bit later as I approached the roundabout I was shocked to see a company van coming towards me on the other side of the road. It was unusual for more than one van to cover an area, and it crossed my mind that the van may have been stolen. I was more shocked when I looked across at the driver and saw myself looking at my own reflection. Or at least how I would look if I was dead.

My skin was pale and behind my eyes showed no signs of life. I don't know what happened to the van as I was stopped by the police blockade.

"Lucky for you you were stopped tonight" the officer said. "There has been a right crash at the roundabout. No one got out of it alive"

I asked him if any of our vehicles had been involved, but did not push it when he said mine was the only one he had seen that night.

I cant explain what I saw and never want to see it again. All I know is that I never complained again when there was a false alarm at the office complex.



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