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Did You say Writer's Block?!

Updated on January 14, 2010

Yes I did!


My head hit the desk

It's happened again...well it's been a continuous happening.

I'm trying to write this book.

I rub my head against the edge of the desk

in hope some thoughts or flow of words will come my way.

I can feel it make new creases in my face.

I stop, shut my eyes and my mind goes and goes.


A mermaid sprays waters right in my face with her tail.

While a marching band parade on past us serenading.

I was sat on a loliipop tree and could smell motlen chocolate in the air

This is not a story, or my plot

This has nothing to do with I'm even doing

What is this?!

I open my eyes.

Was that writer's block?


I know what I'm's all in my head

Dream about it at night in bed.

I know just what I want to say

Why can't I get it down.

I've sorted the pictures

I know my topic's good

I've had lunch- my tummy's full

But as much as it's in head

It just won't go anywhere near paper.


I'm jogging down the street.

The wind's making music in my ears flowing through my hair.

I'm taking a swim, need to cool off

Get the creativity brewing

I relax, sharpen some pens

I stop sharping the pens....embaarassed!

Can't believe I just sharpened 3 pens.

Let my thoughts ferment like wine.

I sign on to MSN, see who's there

I chat with Char, who I haven't spoken to since God knows when;

I check to see if I've got mail.


Family Guy's on

I'll watch that. Stewie Griffin's trying to kill Lois again.

I brush my teeth for the fourth time...hoping my gums don't bleed.

I look at my desk and roll my eyes.

It's time to floss.

Now that's done with

I go to the nearest shop and by more pens

The unsharpened kind

and cards for each upcoming Holiday.

Christmas ones on sale...Hell Yeah!

I need to go back to my I could whack my head on it.


I only just realised this is what I've got, been doing.

Writer's Block is all I'm spewing.

I do all these things instead of sit down and write.

I procrastinate because my head hit a wall, a desk.

I open my eyes look round the room

crumpled pages like popcorn everywhere

in mounds like the Himalayahs.

In my bin, on top my bin, around my bin, near my big toe...on my left foot.


by a paper mountain range, procrastination, my thoughts and a block.

My block's fun though.

I hate to admit! It changes....

When it first showed up it was made of wood, then metal, even clay.

Now it's in some sort of psychadelic material.

I like being blocked.

Today I got a lot done.

So tomorrow I finish page one!

January Hub Love # 2


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    • Sa Toya profile imageAUTHOR

      Sa Toya 

      9 years ago from England

      heheheh Yeah it's not a fun ride.


      And I will let you know how the book's getting along...future hub me thinks :D

    • godpreacher profile image


      9 years ago from Atlanta,Ga.


      Kind of sounds like writers block to me, unless there's a new love interest. (lol)

      I've been down that road, and hated the ride. Hope you regain your focus soon, and let me know how the book is coming.

      God Bless


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