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Different Wavelengths.

Updated on April 11, 2022
Mark Psychedlic profile image

I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.

I've met a lot of people in my life,

Some give me pleasure some give strife,

Some like to talk to you you listen to what's said,

Other's just want to mess with your head.

Colours of insignificance like sunlight through drops of rain,

A happy smile on a sunny day or indifference that cause you pain,

People are walking minefields each step could be your last,

It's the unknown quantity that's ready for the blast.

A hand offered in friendship doesn't always find the glove,

A smile shared in harmony doesn't always find that love,

The mind is a probing tool designed to seek the 'like minded',

But it's the veils of mystery that always has it blinded.

So the eyes become so useless they only see the outline,

The inner truth we want to see rarely does it shine,

Arms outstretched we blunder toward an unknown fate,

It's Only when we see the truth it's often much to late.

Sick and twisted laughter follows you through the door,

Close your ears to their shame before you hear some more,

Looking in the mirror reflects what other's may see,

But when you look at somebody else you realise it could be me.

You search amongst the masses to find that perfect mate,

You rush around aimlessly because your tired of the wait,

Is it this one, that one, or the next one, you cannot be to sure,

They all have identical smiles that's put on to create the lure.

We're unlike the animal kingdom who see danger all around,

Unlike birds of a feather who are seldom on the ground,

We just tend to jump right in and hope for the best,

Is this acquaintance a failure or is this unity surely blessed.

But then your left with an aching heart beaten to a pulp,

Was I just so stupid not to realise it's their fault,

Your trust goes into your pocket naer again to see the light,

Your intuitive radar unable to determine wrong or which is right.

So the moral of this story is when your seeking a friend,

Prepare for disappointments because the truth they'll always bend,

Dust yourself down shake off the tale of woe,

Look at yourself in the mirror and have another go.

© 2013 Mark


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