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Dimitris Mita Quotes

Updated on September 27, 2019
Dimitris Mita
Dimitris Mita

Dimitris Mita

I began writing on Hubpages in 2010 and after receiving generous encouragement and support from the incredibly kind and talented people one finds here, I finally managed to write a couple of books.

Having written three books, two being novels and the other a political theory, I felt that I had satisfied my primal urge to join the ranks of millions of unread authors and there, I thought, the matter would rest.

However, I was astounded to find recently that stuff I had written in my books have been turned into ‘quotable’ quotes, if that is the scientific way of putting the thing. In fact, on one ‘quotes’ site, in order to get to me – me being at the bottom of the page - you will have the onerous task of first ploughing through Aristotle and Shakespeare!


As a result one can reasonably and safely assume that at least one person has actually read what I have written and not only that, took the trouble to copy the stuff and subsequently pass the word around. The fact that I have not benefited financially from such a circulation is a moot point and to harp on it would be the equivalent of biting a gold doubloon won in a raffle organised by Christie’s Auction House.

I have always believed that the world is divided into writers and want-to-be writers, myself not only firmly cramped in the cheapest balcony seats of the latter section, but caged in behind elaborate safety bars for the safety of the public at large. Yet apparently miracles do happen and here we are. I am now a quotable author. THANK YOU HUBPAGES!


My megalomania now knows no bounds and I save a lot on my world-wide travels, as I have done away with airplanes, since I now constantly walk on air. And since naturally no good turn remains unpunished, you lot who have helped me so much, shall pay for your kind deed by having some of my published quotes shoved down your throats. Hence the relevant pictures below.


It shall be a great comfort to me if you try to enjoy my contributions to World Literature without actually throwing up.

Please Google "Dimitris Mita Quotes"

Dimitris Mita
Dimitris Mita
Dimitris Mita
Dimitris Mita
Dimitris Mita
Dimitris Mita
Dimitris Mita
Dimitris Mita
Dimitris Mita
Dimitris Mita

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