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Dimming Hope

Updated on February 23, 2013

A Sneaky Daughter

I had originally written the first 2 paragraphs of the following poem and saved it to my phone. My lovely daughter was being nosy and found the poem on my phone. She thought it was so beautiful and saved it to her phone without telling me she had done so.

She had asked me about it and I explained to her that it was not finished yet, she asked if she could try to finish it and I was more than willing to let her try; after all having my 11 year old daughter interested in poetry was exciting to me! Here is our joint effort poem.

The light was seen
From afar
A glint of hope
That shining star

Fog roles in
Fading light
A glint of hope
lost in the night

Stars so bright
Up above 
Beautiful girl
Smiles with love

Broken heart
Broken wing
Felt love 
Now the sting

Love has fallen
Love has gained
Her love will never
Be the same

Now goodbye for her
Goodbye for him
Now her life 
Will soon dim


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