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Dischord Pulling At My Heartstrings.

Updated on December 12, 2009


Dischord pulling at my heartstrings.    

She lies in beauty like this rose,
across the ivory of these keys
that play the songs that sing the woes,
of how she's yet come back to me,

Her thorns have pierced my heart and yet,
her symbol rests where I compose,
handfuls of lyrics and some notes,
might bring some solace I suppose

She walked in beauty out that door,
her hair was swirling in the wind,
she swore she's gone forevermore,
but soon her knock will let her in

For just these past weeks on the air
my love was broadcast in a song
she called accepting all my prayers
then she forgave me of my wrongs

But on her way to make amends
fate stepped between us and she's gone
I heard the news from my best friend
yet still I feel she's not moved on

She promised me she would return
to bring back her most cherished heart
her car was wrecked and she was killed
leaving me here to play this part

Tonight is when she'd have been here
at 8:00 p.m. which just now tolls
a gentle wind through closed walls blows
and she is beckoning for my soul

I strike my last chord and I rise
to catch whiffs of her rose perfume
I turn with pistol to my head
then Bang! I join her in the gloom

I walk with beauty in the night
down endless haunting memory lanes
two spirits joined forevermore
a perfect love that I've reclaimed.




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