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Discount Magazine Subscriptions Buy Online for Cheap!

Updated on November 25, 2010

Magazine Subscriptions

Although computers and readers have seemed to replace the trip to the grocery store or corner to purchase the daily newspaper or monthly magazine, there really is nothing better than to sit down and relax in the recliner with your favorite read. The good news is that thanks to technology magazines subscriptions are never lower!

Popular Science

First published in the late 1800's Popular Science continues to intrigue readers on what's new and what's next in technology.

Science and Technology is exciting and interesting as Popular Science has never aimed to be "over the common readers head." Popular Science is written by scientists, journalists and researchers that interest the readers mind and imagination with literature that is understandable and reasonable to interpretation.

Highly recommended for it's many formats, such as books, television documentaries, magazine articles and web pages, Popular Science is a definite read for anyone with an interest in Science..

Womans Day

Lifestyle, Recipes, Health and Home are just a few of what Womans Day Magazine covers in each issue. Womans Day has been in circulation for over 70 years. Starting in 1931, Womans Day has grown with the women it was aimed at.

Your mother and her mother grew up reading and learning with this trusted magazine, why shouldn't you?

Woman's Day magazine wants every woman to live well every day!

Marie Claire

If you watch Project Runway you are very familiar with Marie Claire as we hear hostess Heidi Klum introduce the judge weekly as " Nina Garcia, Fashion Director of Marie Claire Magazine." If your not a fan of Project Runway, that's okay. Ms. Garcia definitely has an eye for fashion and delivers it in this magazine.

Hair and beauty, sex and romance, fashion tips, dating advice and more-

Marie Claire is a must read!

"Inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888"

National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic

National Geographic is known for it's photos, articles and facts. Introducing the world to environmental crisis, different cultures, history and so much more. This magazine is definitely worth the money and time to read. 

National Geographic for Kids!

As any parent knows, kids love to get mail, imagine your child's face each month as he/she receives a magazine filled with facts and fun!

National Geographic for Kids includes games, articles, fun facts and different cultural experiences in every issue. This is a must for any child-any age!

Sports Illustrated 2010
Sports Illustrated 2010

Sports Illustrated

Alright Sports Fans, this is a must have! If not for the articles, catch the photos only Sports Illustrated can give you! No, I'm not talking about the swimsuit shot,(although that is also a must have) but the shot of the winning goal, the missed call or the agony of defeat.

Sports Illustrated gives you interviews that only they can. Sports Illustrated gives you up and coming stars still in High School, Covers all College games and Pro? Well who other than the pros themselves at Sports Illustrated. 

Covering every sport from every angle- Sports Illustrated delivers!

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

The Big O

The Oprah Winfrey Magazine is O, simply that. Does Oprah need more? Obviously not as this is one of the hottest magazine subscriptions ever!

Articles about fashion, gifts and how-to's, Oprah has done it again with this magazine. Her recommended books, recipees and work-outs are among this monthly must-have.

Her friends are never far as she incorporates gal-pal Gayle King, talk-show host Dr. Phil, financial genius Suze Orman and others into her mag. O is full of interviews, articles and self-help.

If you or someone you know love Oprah, this is the perfect gift.


People Magazine is Americas leading magazine among favorites. Celebrities lives are intriguing and People delivers the gossip!

People Magazine delivers candid photos and interviews of our most loved and hated celebs. And shows us true life heroes as they emerge among us. People offers movie, music and book reviews and of course The Sexiest Man Alive!

People Magazine never dissappoints - get this magazine at a fraction of the counter cost!

Magazines never fail to give us just what we want, a good variety of reads! There is no need to go to the store each month as subscriptions are inexpensive and ordering online is easier than ever!

Take advantage and enjoy a magazine in the comfort of your home today.  

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Amazon offers over 45,000 magazine subscriptions to choose from- all at a discounted price!

So if you didn't see the magazine you were looking for or your just not sure what a potential receiver of a gift would be interested in?

Feel free to browse, I am positive you will find what your looking for!


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    • Rosie2010 profile image

      Rosie Rose 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Hiya PaulaHenry, great Christmas gift suggestion--magazine subscription. so cool! My daughter loves magazines and she buys them in retail stores.

      Have a nice day!