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Updated on June 8, 2013


Greyer Studios
Greyer Studios | Source

The "powers that be" believe that we are asleep. Show them that we are very much awake!


Debunk it all. Dictate it by the Word. Disavow devilishness, direct dignity, and deliberately defy fleshly impulses. Breathe, this could take a while.

Alliteration and ascension right here right now dogmatic and dominant; profound reasoning directed by design. Move closer and let us dissect.

Dysfunction, Diane-tics, doctrines, and decadence; decaffeinate the dose, let it be digested. Deaf-mute the youth or morality will be protested.

Debauchery for decades including death dealing, filled with mercenaries of destruction and dignitaries of dunce. This world is a stage and nothing more.

The script is defile and deadly. Deactivate data processors and social connects. Electromagnetic pulsate the "www". Define again diligence and dreams. Existing now are we only by the touch of a button or the tapping of a screen.

Duplicity and multiplicity but absent of synchronicity. Unions and cults, brotherhoods and treasure vaults, distractions for all time dismembering the conscious mind.

Disconnecting dimensions through promised recognition, infantile and infamous and planting spiritual distrust.

Poisons for every mind from the house pet to the human-kind; programming needs and wants; micro or macro it entails a cost. The invisible hand clenches the throat and brings in evaporation and resignation of human hope.

They stand erect on the platform -on the television their images do the most harm as they smile they lie; we watch and believe. This is suicide.

Disrupting the natural order, reaching for the door to the father, elevating themselves above all other men; they are pretending that they know no sin. Duality exists and no stability is near. Disassociation with righteousness brings fear.

This is dispersion. It is distributed across the land. All races, all cultures, all stand…all stand. Economic crisis caused by greed; war for dominance-why don’t you believe?

Dispersion has spread this curse; it has at some point infected you and me. Influencing paraphernalia of sex, and fame, children care not to become astronauts and poets any more; they want the spotlight- they want to go be known by some foolish name.

Like cattle we are dispersed- led to slaughter from birth, herded into stereotypical atmospheres. Goal setting obliterated, day-to-day living coupled with day-to day fear.

Turn off the faucet. The sink has over flowed and the water is in the yard. The enemy is at the back door, and we all behave like retards. Afraid to stand and pray and afraid to stand on faith; rejecting the doctrine that has already defined this race.

Papacy and paparazzi reins supreme, east to west there is no in between, the voice in your head is not just a dream; revolt now before dispersion leaves your loved ones bereaved.

Wake and evaluate these events. Avoid lust and repent. Be aware that we can no longer pretend. By any means necessary give what you have to give.

Demobilize the puppet democracy by demodulation. Recover the correct frequencies, this is not a simulation. Demographic lines have blurred and expanded into a collage baring no outline. Change the channel, turn the dial, every lie contains some truth. Fabulous promises to the masses have set us up for the ultimate coup.


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