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Crossroads- A poem about dark feelings, love, despair, and communication.

Updated on April 17, 2013

Crossroads- A poem about dark feelings, love, despair

I'd paint a picture of what I feel inside

Yet some things are too graphic; too intense

And yet if you meet my gaze; and lock my eyes

Inside you'll see the noose that's found its way

With threaded coils of self-defeat

Laced with the dreams I'll never meet

I may appear so kept together

Years of practice; past the degree

The fairy tale to the facts; the composition of me

The journal of a not so precious life

The words that are heard as echoes;

In the right reflection show the fragments of a cry

All of this leading to that point; a gift

Something to look back and remember me by

Every breath feels like inhaled glass

When the futures based from the past

When tomorrow is yesterday

Cause I'm living for what I know I have

And dreams aren't what I could obtain

But keeping everything the same

It's the core that keeps us alive

So sit awake with me another night

Cause you're all I need

Standing at this crossroad; linked to several trails

Too much for a mind that's scarred; broken; and now frail

For every time there was a doubt

When you couldn't see

Understand there never was; in the heart of me

While I may be cold; I've always believed

I may be half a man at heart; I'm all man when it comes to loving you

And I'd test the trial of time

If at the end you were there to find

Cause somethings are worth living for; and others you simply can't let go

Loving you is not a question- It's something I'll forever know


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    • SMonaghan119 profile image

      Sean 2 years ago from PA

      Thank you, I appreciate that :) there are more updated versions of this poem in addition to newer work at :

    • profile image

      Carrieann 2 years ago

      I read your poisntg and was jealous

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 4 years ago

      Sean, I have missed you so it's nice to hear from you once again.

      I've had some mental and physical health issues myself and was away from the Hub for about 2 weeks. I sincerely hope all is well with you and your lovely family.

      You definitely still have the writer's mojo as I have just read here because your words always pour out of your beautiful poetic heart just naturally and that is a gift my friend that you can't teach at writing school.

      Sending you warm wishes from Colin and his cats at 7:15pm and just about to watch some playoff hockey - lake erie canada