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Worth Reading: Scott Westerfeld's YA Series

Updated on December 23, 2010

Scott Westerfeld is a prolific writer of action packed, science fiction series for young adults. From vampires to dystopian societies, Westerfeld has breached nearly every science fiction topic one can imagine. His latest trilogy, Leviathan, is a venture into the Steampunk genre.

Check out each enthralling series below (all series are listed in order):

Leviathan Trilogy

Steampunk is a blend of science fiction and fantasy, typically set in the Victorian Era. Following suit, the Leviathan series is set in early 1900’s amid a mounting world war. The British airship, Leviathan, is prepared for battle. When it takes flight, Deryn Sharp, an ace airman with a dangerous secret begins an adventure that could change history.

  • Levithan (Book #1)
  • Behemoth (Book #2)
  • Book #3 is yet to be named.

Peeps Series

In this series, Westerfeld tries his hand at the ever-popular vampire genre with a decidedly scientific twist. Set in New York City, vampirism is spreading rampantly among young and old alike. In a desperate attempt to control the parasite that causes vampirism, Cal Thompson engages in the fight of and for his life.

  • Peep (Book #1)
  • The Last Days (Book #2)

Midnighters Series


Jessica is a Midnighter and is among the few who are able live and fight in the Blue Time, an hour that comes each night during which time stands still for most of us, except the Midnighters. These young people must battle another world in which the Darklings threaten their existence and that of the town in which they live.

  • The Secret Hour (Book #1)
  • Touching Darkness (Book #2)
  • Blue Noon (Book #3)

Uglies Series


Who wouldn’t want a complete makeover and a life of luxury courtesy of the government? Tally Youngblood is faced with a life-altering decision: run and hide or become a Pretty. Until the night before she is scheduled to transform from an Ugly into a Pretty, she had never questioned her future. Will she follow her best friend, Shay, into hiding, or will she do as she has always wanted and become a Pretty?

  • Uglies (Book #1)
  • Pretties (Book #2)
  • Specials (Book #3)
  • Extras (Book #4)

Westerfeld Series on

Succession Series

A classic space-age story that harkens back to Star Wars, Westerfeld blends war, romance and spaceships to create a perilous world in which good is pitted against evil.

  • The Risen Empire (Book #1)
  • The Killing of Worlds (Book #2)


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    • KateMcGregor profile imageAUTHOR

      Katie Griffith 

      7 years ago from Cheyenne, Wyoming

      The Uglies Trilogy is very good. I also recommend the Peeps series if you are up for an urban vampire story.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for this list of Westerfeld's books. I was aware of the Uglies Trilogy, but not the others. Young adult readers really like authors who write books in series. Thumbs up! A very useful Hub!


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