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Divine throe

Updated on July 27, 2015

Take heed! Here comes the lion
Roaring with hate because of my salvation
Sneaking around, waiting for a chance
To devour my soul and shatter my stance

He whispers lies and discouraging thoughts
The father of lies mocks my holy commitment and oath
The wicked covets my soul from the holy one
The serpent thirst for the fire of hell to be upon my crown

Satan plays with my mind, desires and heart
He reminds me of my past mistakes so I can't make a new start
The prince of the world won't stop and slump until my faith is shaken
He will destroy my future! He can even used my fellow brethren

The raging storm, roaring thunder and rising ocean floor
The devil laughs at me while I struggle in the midst of the battle he has thrown
He twist the holy scripture to confuse and steal my peace
He knows the bible so well because he is a fallen angel of great finesse

Flaming arrows rain from the devils mouth
His laughter echoes as my struggle leads to drought
My knees are weak, hands shaking and eyes blinded by tears
I hold on to God's sword, the holy promise and to fight my fears

The wicked brawls with anger, he despised my silent prayer
The more I fight, the more he summons destroyers!
A strong blow hits my heart! He uses my past to destroy my faith
I was hit so hard that I lost my balance, my shield and sword flick!

"The battle is not yet over my child, stand up with me! Listen to my words!"
"Stand firm, the devil waits for a chance to hit your deep wounds!"
My king holds my hand, gives me the shield of faith and sword of wisdom
"I'm here, don't be afraid. I'll stretch out my hand for the devil's doom!"

"Jesus, my savior! I'm not worthy of your protection"
"I'm a sinner and weak. I don't deserve your affection"
He smiled, embraced my shaking body and wiped my tears
"My strength is made perfect in your weakness, come there's no room for fears"

In his presence I'm home. His yoke as light as a feather
As his blood flows washing away my sins, I raised my shield of faith and took cover
I watched him bruised as he took the blow meant for me
I swing the sword of truth and advance with God's enigmatic serenity

Oh my king! How you fought the battle for my soul
You hold my arms up when I'm frail and cold
You saved me from the devil's schemes and downfall
Your light shines in the darkness of my gloomy life stroll

As the devil flee, Jesus smiles at me
The Lord is on my side, I will not fear adversity
"It is finished my child, you don't need to feel ill"
"I will fight for you, you need only be still."



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