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Do You Know What Today Is?.....

Updated on April 18, 2012

National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, my first thought was “is this real”, and then of taking the granddaughters out for breakfast at an ice cream and donut shop nearby.

Then came the hard realization, wasn’t there already a National Ice Cream Day somewhere on the calendar. It is kind of hard to tell, my modern calendar don’t have numbers on it, just a lot of holidays, National Days this and National Days that.
Legends of where all this started are everywhere. It is often said that Secretary’s Day is one of the earliest, created by greeting card companies and the floral industry to promote sales. Awareness Days are those used to promote causes for cancer, crime or other public nuisances.

There are so many Days For This and Days For That, we see overlap and most days in our lives have become significant is such ways. As I started writing this – April 11th, it is National Pet Day, per a reminder from a lovely hub , which is not to be confused with National Dog Day, National Cat Day, National Labrador Retriever Day, National German Shepherd Day, National Miniature Schnauzer Day, and so on. I am also not bothering to look to see who else claims this day.

My birthday isn’t really my birthday, it is shared with famous race car driver Mario Andretti among others. It becomes less significant after learning it is shared with National Square Dancing Day, National Religious Cult Awareness Day, the World Day for Immigrant Appreciation, the National Polyester Day and the National Forklift Operators Appreciation Day. Being at the end of the month, my birthday had no chance especially with the grand finales of the National Psychic and Fortuneteller Month, Spring Garden Awareness Month and the National Month of General Awareness wrapping up their celebrations.

No wonder my wife and kids forgot my birthday, the rush to get out square dancing in a polyester checkerboard shirt and have their fortunes told is undoubtedly influenced by the marketing frenzy.

There are only 365 days in the solar year. Marketing geniuses may change that, after all it had been a while since our calendar was revised. Welcome to the 2,632 day calendar of 2013, every day is covered, holidays, fortunetellers and forklift operators too.

I am thinking that I need my own National Day, for me and only me. Not my birthday, that is just an anniversary for the day I was born. I want my own day too. I have to act fast though because everyone will want one too. Pay a few bucks for the rights and have my day on the calendar too. National Rob Schneider Jr. of St. Charles, Mo., Day - to prevent confusion with others who may have a similar name.

With so few days on the calendar and so many groups and people wanting their own days, including me, what are we to do? I am cashing in first, picking my day and promoting it, set it up so that it shows on Google and Hallmark and American Greetings will sell a few cards maybe. In a few years after it catches on, it will be on the calendar.

My wife told me to let her know when I choose the day so she can get me a present, with interest, I presume for missing my birthday while out square dancing. I need to check the calendar though, I don't want to pick National Shopping Day or other such days which will leave me forgotten again.


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    • Irob profile image

      Irob 5 years ago from St. Charles

      Thanks ArtsGirl - you'd like my friend Alex, he writes about this stuff too. Chemtrail Awareness Day would be the proper name, and make it so...Also I took some pics of weird chemtrails the other day, not normally into that but these were very odd. WIll be posting them soon and have to send to ALex as well

    • Irob profile image

      Irob 5 years ago from St. Charles

      Alex - please feel free to add your own day, everyone else is doing it, add a few, get one for UFO awareness day or something too. I guess I am just pointing out an absurdity through some sarcastic fun

    • ArtzGirl profile image

      ArtzGirl 5 years ago from San Diego

      I wonder when they will have an International day for "Chemtrails"? Oooops, I guess this is an EVERYDAY Event! Or so it would seem!

      Nice hub page! I'm glad that hub contacted me to view it!

    • profile image

      Alexander Barnhart 5 years ago

      How about National Appeasement Day for everybody, every group that has a gripe or reason for celebration? I think having such a day is like handing out candy to organizations or people. Perhaps you are trying to make people aware that the craving for celebritydom has permeated every facet of what is still called civilization?