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Do You Need to Get Away? Take A Self-Sabbatical!

Updated on October 28, 2016

I Needed to Find Me

I was a typical busy person living in North America, checking all the boxes and proceeding through life in an orderly manner. But what I really needed and wanted was a voice of reason to say, Stop, and Think.

Holy Dina! What was I missing? I ended up on a beach in Thailand, after a series of fortunate events, and found that the only thing missing from my life was me! I was a performer, a proceeder, a 'perfect' person carrying on as we are supposed to. But that didn't seem to hold any depth of fun. In fact, I became depressed and was on medication during my final year of University. What the hell could be wrong when I was doing everything so right!?

I went to Thailand because the Universe's plan coincided with my heart felt desire to hear myself think. I had learned to develop a relationship with myself while growing up but one of us wasn't very happy.

So when I arrived in Thailand and found the most beautiful beach with my friend, after a string of miraculous occurrances, I let the moment sink in. Deeply.

Jesus even took a self-sabbatical for forty days and forty nights, so the legend goes. Well if Jesus could do it, it must be okay for me to sit on this beach and Do Nothing.

Well it was. And it turned into the most incredible life changing experience Of My Life! And that is why I encourage you to do the same. Take some time off. Go listen to yourself for a while.

Or.. If you're still thinking about it..... Read my Book! Sublime Surroundings - A Discovery of Self in Thailand.

Buy the Book here:

Watch my TV Interview where I share the magic of the book below!

Sublime Surroundings - A Discovery of Self In Thailand

Sublime Surroundings Book Cover
Sublime Surroundings Book Cover | Source

Tranquility at its Finest

Beaches of Thailand
Beaches of Thailand | Source

My super fun and engaging TV Interview on U&I Talk Show in Vancouver with Louise Uwacu!!

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