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Do You Want to Write a Story

Updated on July 3, 2011

Wouldn’t it be great to travel the world? I would love to be like a huge winged creature who is able to fly with no worries, to consider the things that are around the entire planet first hand. To go to China and see the great wall or to fly to the South Pole to visit the emperor penguins would be a dream.

I have traveled to Saudi Arabia and England, to the dark and remote regions of South America and to places that don’t even exist. It is exciting, and you’ve probably heard it before, but open a book and find an adventure. If you can immerse yourself in the pages you can find yourself across the planet.

Checking out electronics that have not yet been invented, or experiencing the great life of a spy would be exciting at best. It sounds like so much fun, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you love to fly above the clouds or swim in the deep blue sea and consort with marine life?

Have you ever wished you could be in the military? Would you like to be a hero in your own story? Wouldn’t it be great fun to dance to the Blue Danube waltz, or to fly through the air like a ballet dancer? All things are possible between the pages of a great book.

Maybe you are imaginative yourself? It could be time to put your own adventure down on paper. Glean information from that which you know. Write about what you know. The best way to become a good writer is to do it. Write about the funny things your children are doing, or the silly stuff your mother said to you when you were a child. Anecdotes are great stories and everyone likes to hear them.

Comedians take advantage of every day experiences, from what they had for breakfast to what the stewardess was wearing on the last flight they took. They take what they know and they make it funny. As a writer you can take what you know and make it an adventure.

Were you a gymnast in high school? Maybe you were a singer or a tuba player in the school band. If you have an interest in something don’t rule it out as a potential story. After all, if you like it, then there is someone else out there who will like it too.

As you travel the world of your mind and memories, remember those who came before you and those who are yet to come. Each of these groups of people are important when developing your story. The best stories have a little bit of your dream between the words of the story.

I write about what I know and invent things that I don’t know. Prose is up to the interpretation of the reader, so give them something to interpret. Be colorful with your words. Don’t just slap words on a page and believe that it is the best that you can do. If you are writing about a peach, don’t just say the word peach, describe for your audience, what the peach is.

For example: As I bit into the ripe peach the juice began to trickle down my chin and under the neck of my shirt. That gives imagery that the reader can sink their own teeth into. After all, they do not have the benefit of pictures, so you must paint it for them.

Then, as you continue your story you will find that you have flown over the sky to a new destination of your own. Even if it is just across the street or down the block, your fingers have taken you away to a new place in another time.

Just remember, write what you know, paint a picture with words. Think about it, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then it is important that your words define the picture that you wish to convey to the readers of your stories.


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