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Do we choose Independence

Updated on February 15, 2015

Big nothing after all.

At the end of the excitement ,the NO voters got their wish.There were some dirty tactics employed, by certain people throughout the campaigns.When all is said and done,the vote was quite significant.a larger percentage of NO voters won through.I can't say I was not upset,but I was devastated.I just thought in my opinion,we were offered a great thing,and gave up our birth right.I thought we had a chance to change the world ,not just the Uk.But,it was not meant to be.I think the Uk would have been a very different place had we won,now we will never know,or will we!

Ultimate choices.

Do we stay?

Or do we go?

No one knows,

Only time will show.

I think we should be given a chance,

To pit our wits and take a stance.

We are a country of riches,

Beauty and style,

Give independence a chance,

Even for a while.

The uk government has inflicted many a sin,

On Scotland we are England's very own waste bin.

Margaret thatcher tormented our race,

Her and the Tories made Scotland lose face.

Any bad law ,or bad intention,

Inflicted on Scotland ,too many too mention.

We've been ruled long enough,

It's time to go it alone.

Take Scotland forward,

To set our own tone.

No one setting rules,

Or how much we can spend.

Set our own budgets,

Our rules we can bend.

We could do no worse,

We wouldn't make such a mess.

Lead our own people,

We can cope with the stress.

Each country in the world,

Should be allowed to rule their own.

A smarter country,

The seeds could be sown.

If there wasn't a smear campaign,

From Labour and the Tories.

Coming out with nonsense,

And their pathetic stories.

Trying to tell Scots,

What's right and whats wrong.

They're full of lies,

Same old boring song.

I wouldn't trust a politician,

As far as i could throw him.

His scare stories about Scotland,

They'll always be grim.

On September the 18th,

Stand up and be counted.

Our independence campaign,

Can truly be mounted.

Our Future.

After the Day.

The Conservative Government promised lavish powers if the people voted to stay part of the Uk.Not even an hour after the result,the Conservatives attempted to back track on the issue.It later transpired,they would not get the promised powers through parliament,due to the fact that England wanted more powers as well.So,in essence,English MPs threatened to vote against David Cameron's party.They were going to overthrow the vote allowing Scotland more control.Its early days yet,but I think the Conservative party have always seen Scotland as a trial country,anything that was to be trialled,Scotland got it first.Thats why no Scottish people trust them to do the right thing,they have let us down on so many occassions before,you really can't blame us.

Voting time is here.

Talks To Come.

This March Nicola Sturgeon (SNP LEADER) and David Cameron (TORY LEADER) will be meeting to discuss the future powers Scotland will actually get.So far,the whispers coming from both party headquarters are not great.The Snp think the government will try to give less than was promised.The Tory leader is trying to appease both sides of the table.I really don't know how he can climb out of this hole he and his party have inadvertently dug.He has to please all Scottish voters, or I think there will be loud calls for another referendum. This is the last thing the Tory party want.If it transpires he has lied ,and tried to backtrack.The Scottish people won't take it a second time,I think the next vote would be an overwhelming Yes. He has to tread carefully.

If he's told lies!

If it turns out,

David Cameron lied

His political career,

Will surely be fried.

Never be trusted,

Not even by his team.

Always in debt,

His party lose their dream.

Never again elected,

Lost on the back benches,

Feeling forever stuck,

In the political trenches.

If you lose the trust,

There's nothing there.

You've no one to blame,

No one will care.

His last big hoorah.

Which One?

Tory,Liberals,UKIP or who?

Slim pickings,

It's up to you.

Taking a chance,

No matter your choice.

Thats the risk,

Of raising your voice,

Could go bad.

No matter your pick,

No guarentees,

The economy will click.

Could get worse,

Could end up right.

Things might work out,

Be quite a sight.

What are the options?

if you vote Labour! You get Ed Miliband considered a plitical lightweight by a lot of political experts and journalists.If you vote Conservative, all you get for the next four years is ,more tax rises,more bills,less cash in your pocket.If you vote Liberal Democrats,you get Nick Clegg who sold his party beliefs down the toilet ,so he could extend his career to be deputy Prime Minister.He knew he would never reach those dizzy heights if he remained a liberal democrat puppy.He took his chance,so many admire him.But facts are facts,he backed out of most of his pre-election promises as soon as the Coalition was formed.If you vote UKIP, well there's a dangerous decision.A party rocked by so many scandals, racist scandals,non stop infighting,MPs defecting to other parties.Sad to say,the voting electorate in Great Britain have very few avenues to go down,the choices are very limited.

Mind made up?

When Election day comes, I might change my mind. I'm not sure what's the best party to lead our country forward as a whole.i may sway from side to side depending on what scandals transpire over the next three months till it all kicks off.One thing is for sure,every voter registered this time probably has the most significant vote this election has ever seen.More than most elections passed.This could be make or break for the country as a whole.we are by no means out of the red yet.According to some experts,we could just as easily fall back in to recession,dependant on the political routes taken in the next year or so.I don't envy the leaders who have to take these decisions.If they get it wrong,the mistake will be forever credited to them for the rest of their lives.

The Candidates!

Who's the better choice?

See results

Worlds Changing.

The world is dramatically different from last year.the rise of (IS) seems to affect every aspect of ours and political lives regardless of your beliefs.Each day,one of their heinous crimes are reported on television.Political party leaders are being forced in to making decisions that they may not be comfortable doing.They often react to public outcry.The public demand more severe actions to be taken against terrorists and their organisations.Then the inevitable reaction from the Terrorists. It's like a vicious circle.One reaction triggers another. (IS), in my opinion will not achieve anything taking the steps they continually go down.Their answer to everything seems to be murder.Its no way to get the world to sit and talk the issues out.For issues to be resolved,they need to be round the table discussing issues,not adding to them.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks WriterA,everyone is entitled to their own opinion,thanks for the read.

      Also thanks carrie Lee Night for the comment.

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Kept private 3 years ago from Northeast United States

      Thank you for sharing :) Voted up! Independence is brillant .

    • WriterA profile image

      WriterA 3 years ago

      Very clever shame I don't agree

    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks Ericdierker .

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      God Bless Independence. Certainly it is a duty as much as a right!