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Dog Poems for Children

Updated on July 30, 2012

Welcome to a my collection of Dog Poems for children. Kids love dogs; playing with them, walking them, owning them and reading about them.

Words, rhymes and patterns are exciting for young kids of all ages, particularly humorous poems that they can relate to. Children have a natural affinity for poems. Think back and remember all the poems and rhymes you learned as a child - isn't it funny how you can still recall them?

Any child who has owned, wanted or loved a dog will hopefully enjoy these poems so please print them out for some bedtime reading!

My Best Friend Is My Dog

My best friend is white and brown,

He barks to get up, he barks to get down.

His tongue is long and very pink,

It hangs out when he wants a drink.

My best friend sleeps on my bed.

He pants and growls and licks my head.

Mum gets angry when he leaves hairs,

On my pillow and on the stairs.

My Best friend cannot talk,

But he loves his daily walk,

He sniffs at trees and grass and slugs,

He chases butterflies and bugs

My best friend has a wet nose,

He hates being washed with the hose,

Daddy chases him round the place,

Me and Mum laugh at his face.

My best friend is not a cat,

He is not a horse, and he’s not a rat,

He is not a bird and not a frog,

My best friend is my dog!

Time For Walkies!

That time again and I call Spot,

It’s a time he likes a lot,

When we go walking, me and him,

My dog Spot and his Master Tim.

I open the door, see Spot’s delight,

He pulls me out with all his might,

Tearing down the garden path,

Like he was running from a bath.

At every tree, we must stop,

While Spot only wee’s a drop!

He lifts his leg, then tears ahead,

To something in the grass that’s red.

He’s found a ball, he wants to play,

I throw it very far away,

Spot gallops as fast as he can,

Nearly knocking over a man!

We play some more until we hear,

Mum calling dinner time is near,

Spot and me head back home,

I’ll have beans and he’ll have a bone!

Dogs Can Be…

Dogs can be long and dogs can be small,

Dogs can be fat and dogs can be tall,

Dogs can be brown or as black as the night,

Dogs can be heavy and dogs can be light.

Dogs can be fluffy and dogs can have spots,

Dogs can have some and dogs can have lots,

Dogs can be naughty and dogs can be good,

Dogs can do poop where never they should,

Dogs can do chewing and bury a bone,

Dogs can be noisy and make Mummy groan,

Dogs can be dirty and covered in goo,

Dogs can be naughty and chew up your shoe.

Dogs can be playful and run for a ball,

Dogs can be good and come when you call,

Dogs can be friendly when they wag their tail,

Dogs can be yucky when they sniff a snail,

Dogs can be funny when they catch a fly,

Dogs can be greedy when they smell shepherds pie!

Dogs can be fun and dogs can be fine,

Dogs are best friends and I LOVE mine!

The Lickiest Dog

I have a dog, his name is Jim,

But people run away from him!

For my dog has a silly trick,

There is NOTHING that he won’t lick!

He licks my Father’s shiny shoes,

When he tries to watch the news,

He licks the baby’s tiny toes,

He licks her hands and licks her nose!

He licks my Mother’s Sunday roast,

He licks my morning piece of toast,

He licks the neighbour’s new front door,

He licks the crumbs up off the floor

He tries to lick my dinner plate,

He even licks the garden gate,

He licks the bath, he licks the tiles,

He licks the grass, he licks my smiles.

He licks the vet’s hairy face,

He even licks my pillow case!

He licks the postman’s bike that’s black

And then he tries to lick his sack!

He licks the fridge, he licks the grass,

The licks the window, he licks the glass,

He licks my fingers, he licks my hair,

He licks the walls, he licks the chair.

He licks my friends, he licks my Gran,

He tries to lick the frying pan,

He licks himself, he licks a tree,

But I like it best when he licks ME!

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    • imthebean profile image

      Lauren Shumate 4 years ago from Georgia

      This is so adorable for kids! :)

    • AdinaH profile image

      AdinaH 5 years ago from UK

      Thank you! I enjoy writing poems for kids :)

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      These are such cute poems!