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Doing A Job And Doing It Well

Updated on May 10, 2011

There Is Only One Way To Do It

I live and stand behind my words

If you are doing work,any kind of work why wouldn't you want that job to be done the best you can

So you can look back at the job that you did and be proud of what you accomplished

Isn't that enough

I don't need a badge or extra money or even a thank you even though all would be nice

Many young adults today think less is more

I have never believed in that philosophy and I know times have changed

To me somethings should never change

It aggrivates me to no end

Why do people want to half ass everything ?

They put as little effort as possible and expect to get the most out of it

I get the same answer over and over again

Why put all your effort in something if nobody notices

They think it is foolish and down right stupid to spend longer than you have to

They think it is wasting your time and your effort

I try to explain if you do something half done now what is to stop you from doing it the same way later

You are associated with the work that you do

Don't you want to be known for doing a good job or a job well done

Doesn't personal satisfaction count ?

What you do now is the stepping stone of the future

If you were a house builder by trade

Would you build one house with shoddy workmanship just because no one is looking and you can get away with it ?

Would you build a good house only every fourth or fifth one

When you know someone is going to buy that house

That is going to be their home

You are tricking them to believe that house was fine and you know it wasn't

What if you or a family member was buying that house ?

How would you feel ?

The answer is once again disturbing

I wouldn't

Thats the way it is and get use to it

You live in a different world

Nobody thinks like that anymore

Look around you and open your eyes

That is reality

People are out to take advantage of other people

It is business

So no matter what I say or do I can't I convince you otherwise


I am not only sad but sick to my stomach

I can't believe I am even having this conversation

So I guess it is a battle of good vs. evil

I feel cheated

I feel upset

I feel I have every right to expect someone else to do a good job

So when I come to do my job I leave it good for someone else

I will not accept less

I will not give in to when I believe something is right

Maybe I am out of touch and out numbered but it still doesn't make it right

Please can someone explain why this is accepted in our society by our bosses and co workers

It is allowed at home from children

I was taught the right way to do something

That is the way it should be done all the time without exception

I realize I am old school but somethings have to stay the same

What is this world coming to if we let poor quality exist ?

I think I think too much but I am thankful my thinker still thinks

Say that ten times fast

Just another issue no one sees but me

Life goes on and I go on with it slowly


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Eiddwen I can understand making mistakes and trying to do a good job.I will never accept people that can do good work and decide to be lazy and could careless about others and think only about themselves at other peoples expense.Thanx for believing in the good of doing something and being proud of it.Have a wonderful day.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      I realize I am old school but some things have to stay the same.

      Congratulations for being 'old school'.

      That is a plus these days and so is this hub.

      Great work and carry on writing because I will carry on reading.

      Take care